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The right baths, bath mixers and shower mixers can have a huge influence on the overall functionality and visual appeal of your bathroom. At BBK Direct, we love guiding home owners with the selection of their bathroom fixtures, so that they can enjoy their choice with no regrets for many years to come. We offer a large collection of shower and bath designs along with mixers from reputable companies such as Bretton Park, Abode and more.


Choosing the right bathroom mixers


Choosing the right design for your bath or shower panel can be difficult due to the sheer variety available on the market. But this handy guide will help you 'zero-in' on just the right one that suits all your needs:


  1.       Start with the functionality: The ultimate purpose of having bathroom fixtures is to provide a seamless and comfortable bathing experience. Mixer taps are best used when it is important for you to have a comfortable temperature of water before the bath fills up.


  1.       Choose the dimensions and finish: Once you have decided the type of bathroom mixers to use, find out which size of mixers best suits your bath and shower area. The finish of your bathroom fixtures determines how well it fits in with the rest of your theme, and how often it needs to be maintained.


  1.       Stick to the theme: Whether you are redesigning a bathroom or building one from a scratch, the overall theme of the bathroom needs to be maintained with each component. Choose from classic and modern designs to find which model best complements the rest of the bathroom.


A wide range of baths and mixers only at BBK Direct


Regardless of what kind of theme or function you are looking for in a bath or bath mixer, you are sure to find something that perfectly fits your requirements. Browse through our massive collection of freestanding baths, shower baths, and bath mixers, right from the most traditional ones to more recent modern designs. At BBK Direct, we offer only the highest quality products to ensure customer satisfaction. Click on your preferred category below or use the filter product function to help you find exactly what you need.

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