Large Bathrooms - BBK Direct Tips On How to Use The Space – Part 1

Large Bathrooms - BBK Direct Tips On How to Use The Space – Part 1

Over the last couple of years the industry focus has been on small bathrooms, how to utilise/deal with the space and keep costs down with certain products. This was caused as everybody knows by the past years economic climate, with property prices going up and salaries not keeping up with inflation, also just the pure lack of housing space forcing houses to get smaller and smaller, and the list goes on and on. The truth is you can make even the smallest bathroom look amazing and give it some comfortable features, but what if you do have a larger house and are not so limited by a budget? Well let us tell you, this can be just as a daunting task as trying to make a small area work, and you can find yourself quickly over capitalizing and simply making a potentially wonderful area into one that is not used to its full potential and simply impractical.

This article is simply to help give some helpful tips/advise, but also to show what is possible in a larger bathroom, hopefully giving you some inspiration and ideas. Ok so where do we start? Well we will be focusing and working around a couple of words baths, shower, toilet, basins, storage, flooring, wall covering, ventilation, heating and maybe one or two others. Yes, there is so much to think of, but each can make some huge differences in your design, costing and practicality of your bathroom.

1. What bath to choose for a large bathroom area?

In a larger area, we are unfortunately a little one sided on this and always lean towards the freestanding bath and floor mounted bath filler. It is just such a great feature and even bathing in it give you a little bit of a royal feeling.

There are now so many different designs for freestanding baths that it is no more limited to a traditional looking bathroom, but has become an icon for the more modern and design conscious house. However, just picture a traditional colonial bathroom with an ultra-modern acrylic freestanding bath at its centre. For a matter of fact, try and picture it the other way round, an incredibly modern bathroom with clean cut lines and space-age look with a classic vintage looking ball and claw bath at its center. We think you will get the picture because something as simple as a bath has just become the main feature of that room. Here are two of our bestselling baths one traditional and one more modern.   

2.  The humble bathroom toilet

Some other names for this room; lavatory, WC, water closet, facilities, urinal, privy, latrine, outhouse, earth closet, jakes, the Ladies, the Gents, powder room, restroom, bathroom, washroom, men's room, ladies' room, comfort station and yes it goes on.

Here are two main scenarios that we can discuss, one being that you have your toilet in a separate area or room attached to the main bathroom, secondly is that it is in the main bathroom area.

Let’s focus on the first option. We definitely think that not only a toilet should be present in this smaller area but a basin as well. Being able to finish all your “business” including washing your hands before entering the main bathroom is a must. A person will visit the toilet way more times in a day than shower or brush your teeth so being able to contain the after toilet “hand washing” to this separate area as well will definitely help in maintaining a cleaner main bathroom area. Now you can simply opt for a traditional toilet and pedestal but believe it or not there is a better solution, have a look at one of our very popular products this is mostly used for smaller bathrooms but would work great for this area and also adds a touch of class to the entire room, not to mention it makes installation a much easier process.

Now for the second option. A lavatory doesn’t have to be an eyesore there are many ways to make it less obtrusive but our favourite is using a concealed cistern which is made so much easier by bathroom wall panelling (will cover later). The concealed cistern is just what the name implies, it is hidden, and the only visible part is the toilet pan and flushing knobs or leavers. We would suggest putting it in a corner as there will be a wall to mount a toilet paper dispenser on and it will leave other features like the bath as the main focal point. There is nothing terrible about it obviously, but we would rather pull the attention to other amazing features like a freestanding baths or an amazing “wet” open shower area. One of our concealed cistern systems

3. So what about showers and large bathrooms?

If you have a large space then it is imperative that you have a bath and a shower. We are talking about large bathroom areas so there is no other way to go than a wet room shower. Instead of building walls in your large area to form a cubicle, taking away from the splendour of the large open area, rather dedicate a corner or stretch of wall to make your wet room area. Basically a wet room shower is simply using a shower screen in the front to stop water going all over the bathroom, but is not enclosed on any other side (The shower screen is also optional). You can achieve this by using some of many innovative materials and products, like low profile shower trays, waterproof laminate and tiles for flooring and water proof acrylic or laminate wall panelling to cover the walls with unique and amazing marble effects. Couple this all together with a stunning modern shower mixer valve and head, and you will not be able to wait to get home to have a shower.  Below are some links to areas on our site where you can find all that has been mentioned above.

Shower Enclosures & Screens:

Waterproof Wall Panelling:

Shower Trays:

Flooring for Bathroom Use:

Shower Mixer Valves & Heads:

Unfortunately, this is the end of this article part one, but we hope that you have gained some inspiration and maybe a good bathroom idea here and there. If you need any help or have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful staff here at BBK Direct.

Part Two Coming Soon, we will be focusing on Storage, Basins, Ventilation, Heating, Flooring and much more..

Part Two Now Available!

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