The Essential Guide: How To Design a Bathroom You'll Love For Years

The Essential Guide: How To Design a Bathroom You'll Love For Years

Remodelling a bathroom is no cheap feat. Homeowners can spend up to £1,000 on their bathtub alone. Which is why it's important to ensure that when you do design a bathroom you do it the right way. 

Whether its time to redecorate or design a bathroom from scratch, there are some design trends that can help create a look you love four years to come. It's all about utilising space and focusing on a few bold design elements.

What to Consider When You Design a Bathroom

Not sure where to begin on your bathroom decor? You don't need to be an interior designer to create an impressive look four your bathroom. Just follow some of the steps highlighted below to create a space that is relaxing, stylish and classic.

Remember, when done correctly your bathroom should feel like an escape, not a point of chaos!

Remove Wall Distractions

When it comes to opening up your bathroom and creating a spacious feeling, try to avoid crowding up your wall space. We get it, Pinterest makes those wicker basket shelves look adorable, but you're going to want to skip it,

Any wall decor that makes it to your bathroom should not cut into the bathroom space. Aim four decorations that are as flat as possible like paintings, print art or even wall decals to avoid making a small bathroom feel even smaller.

Paint Your Ceiling

If you're stuck with low hanging ceilings but want to create the illusion of height, we suggest painting it with a bright pastel based colours. Colours like sky blue and canary can open your ceiling and fool the eye into thinking it's higher than it is.

You can choose whatever colours will best coordinate with your decor, just remember that the darker the colour the more closed off and small your bathroom will feel while the brighter the colour the more open and airy it will feel.

Opt for a Clear Shower

A clear shower can also create the illusion of a more spacious bathroom as you are showing the full circumference of the room rather than cutting it off where the shower starts. Four this reason, it's best to get a clear shower door that can provide extra space four your room.

If for some reason you cannot get a clear shower door, try opting four a clear shower curtain to create a similar effect.

Get Creative with Storage

Now that you got rid of the extra items hanging on your walls, you may be wondering about storage space.

Try and create storage in space that is tucked behind other items, and only four essential items like towels, toilet paper, toothbrush, and daily use toiletries. Additional items like pedestal sinks and toilet paper stands can hit the road.

Instead try adding hooks on the back of doors four your towels, or installing over the door pouches as a place to store toiletries.

Go for a Smaller Vanity Size

Vanities are often unnecessary clutter and if you can remove it from your bathroom you'll be grateful in the long run. However, if your sink does not offer enough space to get ready or a vanity is a necessity four you then it's important to make sure you choose the right one for space.

Look four a smaller vanity that will hold more with the right organisational containers. Instead of one large and intrusive mirror, choose a small desk mirror that can be used instead.

Point Lighting Upwards

Another way to give ceilings added height and to make a bathroom feel more spacious is to pay attention to the type of lighting you have installed as well as the direction in which the lighting points.

To make the bathroom seem larger opt four brighter lights rather than more dramatic mood lighting. You'll also want to make sure that the lighting points upwards to the ceiling to create the elevated effect.

Make Sure Tile Runs Diagonally

It may seem like a detail that wouldn't make a large difference, however, the direction of the tile is one of those subtle changes that make a big difference. If you're looking to create an elegant appearance that also opens up the room, try choosing a tile that runs diagonally.

It's a simple trick of the eye, but this optical illusion can make a major difference once it's put in.

Use a Mirror for a Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets are an important thing to have on hand in case of an emergency or simply when you have a headache. however some homes don't come with the added storage, and you don't want to clutter the space by adding one on.

Instead, add on a mirror medicine cabinet. Not only does it work as an added storage space, but the reflection from the mirror will also create the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Choose Hooks over Racks

Towel racks can be a great way to show off a beautiful towel set. Unfortunately, they take up a great deal of wall space, both vertically and horizontally. If you don't have enough counter space to place folded towels or any storage space to neatly tuck them away, you may choose to go with a hook instead of a rack.

A hook will still display your towels, but by using limited space, and can easily be tucked into nooks or hung on the back of doors.

The Bigger the Tile the Better

Another optical illusion that fools the eye? Large tiles. It may seem to go against common sense after all wouldn't larger items take up more space?

Four some reason when it comes to tiles, this rule doesn't apply. Most likely because larger tile patterns mean space looks cleaner and less cluttered creating the illusion that there's actually more space being used.

Two or Fewer Paint Colours

While it may seem tempting to go four a bathroom colour palette that utilises four or even five paint colours, this is the last thing you want to do. Multiple paint colours send too many cues to the eyes, making space seem busy and in turn making it appear to be smaller.

Instead try to stick to two paint colours at the most, with one of the colours being used to heighten the ceiling.

Go for Minimalism

When it comes to the decor and small details in your bathroom go for a "less is more" approach. Rather than buying a ton of different knick-knacks, choose a few statement pieces that help create a serene environment.

This could mean purchasing one, large high-quality candle instead of several small ones. You can also choose to have one or two bamboo sticks in a vase, instead of having a bouquet of flowers. Think clean.

Choose Perspective Art Pieces

When selecting the art four your bathroom aim four perspective paintings or prints. This means using art that makes the viewer feel as though they are standing in the location that the art portrays.

If done correctly, it should make the bathroom feel more spacious as it will have almost the same effect as an extra window looking out of the room.

Choose Texture Over Colour

If you're looking to give your bathroom or more funky spin, try to do it by bringing in eclectic textures rather than drawing in multiple colours.

You can create this effect by adding in a cool mirror that features a unique metal, a small sculpture, or a sink that offers some creative details to it. The point is to have one well thought out the piece to draw attention to rather than overdoing it.

Pay Attention to Your Door Choice

One element that often goes overlooked when designing or decorating a bathroom is the type of door that's used. You want to pay attention to the direction that the door opens to make sure it doesn't take up too much additional space.

Four example, it's best to choose bathroom doors that swing out rather than one that swings in. You may even choose to use pocket doors to ensure the doors won't take up any extra space on either side.

Push Showers and Baths Back

If you have an option while designing your bathroom, try to push bathtubs and showers as far away from the door as possible. In fact, when entering the room, the bathtub and shower should be on the farthest wall.

That's because these elements will take up the most space in a bathroom, and by locating them closer to the doorway you'll be minimising the amount of space you have to work with. Also, it's just not a very convenient layout. 

Don't Forget to Have Fun

When done correctly, getting to design a bathroom can be a fun and creative opportunity. While there are a number of trends and style rules you can follow, it's important that you don't forget to add in your own character.

If you want to create a bathroom that you love, then it's important that it includes elements that make you feel good, not just what looks good in a magazine. So get creative and enjoy the process!

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