Half-Bath Remodeling: Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

Half-Bath Remodeling: Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

So you're going to remodel your half bath? STOP. You need to read this before you make another decision and before you make a mistake. 

Half bath remodelling is an investment costing homeowners an average of £3,000. With this kind of investment, you'll want your project to come out looking great. 

You probably haven't remodelled a lot of bathrooms in your time, and that's ok. We have some of the most common mistakes that people make when they remodel a bathroom. 

Avoid these pitfalls and your half bath remodel will come out amazing!  

What Is a Half Bath?

A half bath is usually that small guest bathroom that is off the living room. It'll be about 6 square meters in total and just under 5 square meters of walkable space. 

The standard full-service bathroom will have a toilet, sink, shower, and tub. Thus, a half bath has half of these abilities, the sink and toilet. You may also hear it referred to as a guest bathroom or powder room. 

Don't Rush Your Half Bath Remodeling

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rush through the process. We know you're probably excited to get started, but take a pause. 

You'll need to create a plan before you get started. Without this plan, your entire project will most likely overrun in both time and cost. 

The entire planning process could take a few weeks to a few months depending on how large of the project. Your first step is to decide what you want to do exactly. 

Many people will create a Pinterest account during this phase. They will gather images all of the bathrooms they find appealing. 

Then work with a contractor to decide what you can do in your own bathroom. You will have to compromise since not every idea will work in your bathroom. 

Your contractor will look at where your plumbing lines are located. Moving these lines will add thousands on to your total remodel cost. Your contractor should be able to provide alternative ideas that will save you money. 

You Get What You Pay For

Hire a quality contractor that uses skilled labourers. This will save you money in the long run. 

By using a skilled team, you will save money on repair of mistakes. They will also be able to provide you with input and advice. Use this to your advantage as they have remodelled a lot more bathrooms than you have. 

If you really want to do some of the work yourself then stick with the beginning and end of the project. You could rip out the old cabinetry and fixtures. You could also take on the final painting. 

Just leave the complicated parts in the middle parts to the professionals. Your quality tile setter can work magic with a cheaper tile. Your lack of experience could very easily make the expensive tile look cheap. 

Harsh Mirror Lighting 

There is lighting that looks cool online or in the store. Unfortunately, it does nothing but cast weird shadows in your bathroom. 

You need to choose lighting that properly lights your face when you look in the mirror. This means avoid harsh overhead lighting. It will cast deep shadows on everyone's face. 

Instead, consider having two sets of lights for the bathroom. Use one set to light the mirror at face level. Then use the other set to light the bathroom space. 

Put Enough Lighting

The other problem is that people won't put enough lighting in the bathroom. Sometimes it is because the homeowner went overboard with recessed lighting.

These lights created harsh dark and light spots in the bathroom. There is nothing wrong with recessed lighting, just remember to add lighting that can be used in addition. 

Don't Get Cheap on the Important Stuff

If you are working with a budget then dedicate the bulk of it to the important areas that get the most attention and use. For example, you know the sink is going to get a lot of use. 

So plan to invest in a beautiful and well-made sink. This will ensure that it can resist stains, scratches, chips, and any other damage that might happen. It will also give your bathroom a feel of luxury since it is a focal point for those using the room. 

You could also plan to buy quality material for the countertop. The first thing people do is place items on the countertop. So you want to use a material that can stand up to regular use. 

On the flip side, you could probably save money by buying a lighting fixture that is less expensive. These fixtures will get mounted and then left alone. They also tend to perform at pretty standard levels across a wide price point. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once 

Before you start shopping for anything you need to measure your half bath. Then once you think you've measured everything, do it again. Seriously, measure everything twice. 

This will save you a ton of money. You need to know the size of the floor so that you order the right amount of laminate or tile. If you plan to tile the walls then you need to know the dimensions of those too. 

You need to know how much space you have for the vanity. The last thing you want is to be just slightly off in size. People often struggle with creating an accurate mental image of the size of fixtures in the space. 

Don't Forget About Storage

Think about the amount of storage that you currently have in your half bath. Think about if this is too much, just enough, or not enough. Then factor this into your remodel. 

If you currently don't have enough storage, then you only make the problem worse by forgetting to add storage to the remodel. 

Since you are remodelling, you can get creative with your storage. Do you want to build cabinets or shelving into the bathroom? How about looking for a piece of furniture?

Maybe you have too much storage. In this case, you could eliminate the storage and open the space more. This would give the bathroom a larger feel. 

Don't Forget the Floor 

Many people will overlook the floor thinking that it isn't noticed or important. This is a big lost opportunity. 

The type of flooring you choose can completely change the look and feel of the bathroom. If you decide you want tile then make sure you pick the right type of tile. 

Some tile can get very slippery when wet. If water gets splashed from the sink onto the floor this could create a dangerous situation. 

You could decide to use wood flooring. There are laminate options that look like real wood and are also moisture resistant. 

Consider the Finish 

Chrome is always the standard go-to for bathroom fixtures. You don't have to go with it though. 

Instead, consider black, white, gold, copper, or rose gold. Choose a finish that will fit with the style of your home and the bathroom. 

For example, copper is going to give you a more chic and modern look. Black is going to make your bathroom look more designer and minimalist. Gold will help your bathroom look more lux and opulent. 

Don't Get Wrapped up in Trends 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is getting too wrapped up in the latest trends. They lose themselves in the process of trying to pack all of the latest trends into the tiny space. 

This isn't to say that you shouldn't consider trends, just be selective. Instead of trying to do them all, pick one or two to use. 

Two things happen when you try to follow trends. First, you lose yourself and your style. You'll end up with a bathroom that doesn't fit with the rest of your home. 

The second problem is that in a few years your bathroom will look SUPER dated and old. Those trends are just that, trends, and in time they will fade as newer trends overtake them. 

As we mentioned, copper fixtures are chic and modern right now. Participating in this trend is ok. Doing this trend in addition to all the others is not. 

Start Your Half Bath Remodel

Half bath remodelling can be a fun and rewarding experience. You just need to not let yourself get carried away with the fantasy in your head. 

Slow down and create an organized plan. Really think about what you want and what is possible. Consult with contractors to find one that is experienced and produces quality work. 

Discuss with them your plans and use their input to make adjustments. They can definitely help you with making sure you get the lighting right. 

Request some samples today to make sure you pick the right materials and colours for your remodel

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