7 Reasons to Install a Heated Towel Rail in Your Home

7 Reasons to Install a Heated Towel Rail in Your Home

Have you ever considered installing a heated towel rail in your bathroom?

No? Well, you should! And here's why.

The average person spends 1.5 years of their life inside the bathroom. That's a great reason to make your bathroom as luxurious as possible.

Heated towel racks offer a ton of benefits. And they're a great way to give you a lot of luxury for a little bit of money.

This is our list of the top 7 reasons to install a heated towel rail in your home. Read on to learn more!

1. Warm, Dry Towels Are the Best

What's more luxurious than a warm, dry towel greeting you after a shower? Nothing!

A good, heated rack dries out wet towels in just a few minutes. And many of the best models have heat settings which you can adjust as the year goes on. Turn up the heat in the winter to boost the warming factor. And turn it down in the summer to keep towels dry and lightly toasty.

2. Keep Other Stuff Dry

Heated towel bars aren't just for towels. You can dry lots of clothing items on them, including your winter gear.

Got caught in the rain? Hang your damp clothes on your towel rack for a few minutes and they'll be dry and warm for you to continue your day.

Did you wear your heavy coat in a snowstorm? The heated towel rail will have it dried out and warm in no time.

3. Eliminate Towel Odours and Bacteria

Damp towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. And bacteria create all sorts of problems.

When you hang a wet towel on a hook, it causes the towel to bunch up. Which means some areas aren't able to dry completely. Bacteria flourish in those damp, bunched up areas.

Bacteria are the primary cause of towel odours. You know that funky smell you get when you've had your wet bath towel hanging for a few days? End that with a heated rack.

Also, bacteria on towels cause other problems, like skin infections and acne. Keep your skin healthy by preventing bacteria from breeding.

4. Do Less Laundry

When your towels dry completely after your shower, you'll have to wash them less often. Imagine how much lighter your laundry loads could be without washing big bath towels!

This works for other items of clothing too. As we mentioned before, if you get caught in a rainstorm, you can dry your clothes without having to wash them.

Wash winter coats, jackets, and sweaters less often. Hang them up and dry them quickly with a heated rack. Less laundry means less time, energy, and water wasted.

5. Heat Your Entire Bathroom

A great quality towel rack offers you an extra heating source for your bathroom. Note, this depends on the size of your bathroom and the insulation in your walls.

The purpose of a heated towel rail is not to heat your entire bathroom. But, if you've got a smaller bathroom with great insulation, it can serve as another heat source.

Turn it up to make your bathroom toasty warm on cold, winter days. Plus, a heated rack is more energy efficient than a regular space heater. Newer models use about as much energy as one lightbulb.

Add a timer to your towel rack to save energy. Set the timer to turn on only during the hours you plan to use the bathroom most.

And an added bonus, a professional quality rack can add value to your home. Impress potential buyers by offering a bathroom spa experience. Plus, they'll enjoy the energy efficient heat source.

6. Heat Other Stuff Too

A heated rack doesn't have to be in your bathroom. Add one of these racks to your mudroom or basement to dry out winter clothes. Like in the bathroom, a good-quality rack serves as an alternate heat source for cooler areas of your home.

Install one in your entryway to keep the winter cold from traveling through to your living room. Then use it as a regular hanger for your winter gear to make sure they are warm every time you put them on.

Add one to your bedroom to hang blankets and sheets. It brings the luxury of first-class air service right to your bedroom. Go to sleep with a warm towel every night.

7. They Offer a Stylish Storage Option

Many heated towel bars come with multiple bars to hang lots of items. Hang up bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths to dry.

Get one installed directly into your wall or opt for a plug-in version that plugs into the wall. The type of rack you choose depends on your needs. There are pros and cons to both, so do your research.

A wall-mounted rack looks nicer, but a plug-in rack is portable. Always opt for a high-quality rack to last a long time. And if you choose a wall-mounted version, have it professionally installed to ensure it works as it should.

Heated racks come in a variety of colours and finishes. Customize it to match your home and style.

Are You Ready to Install a Heated Towel Rail?

A heated towel rail is a great addition to any home. A great quality rack adds storage and value to your property.

It gives you a luxury spa experience with warm towels after every shower. It allows you to dry out your winter gear and keep sheets and blankets warm on cold winter nights.

It's a no-brainer! Make your bathroom into the luxury spa you deserve.

For more ideas about how you can improve the look and feel of your home, visit our blog. We offer tons of great home improvement options.

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