Top 8 Key Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Top 8 Key Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Are you unhappy with the way your current heating system warms up your home?

Maybe it takes too long to make your home comfortable. Maybe it costs you too much money to run it during the wintertime. Or maybe it includes an unsightly furnace or radiators that are dragging your interior design down.

Whatever the case, you should consider going with underfloor heating instead. Once you've had heated floors installed in your home, you'll get to enjoy a long list of benefits that come along with it.

Check out the 8 key benefits of having underfloor heating installed in your home below.

1. Makes Your Home More Energy Efficient

When you rely on a furnace or radiators to heat up your home, they will heat up very quickly, produce a bunch of heat, and send it out into your home.

That heat will warm your home up for a little while. But before long, the furnace and radiators will shut down, stop producing heat, and cool off. Once that happens, your home will also cool down before long and force your furnace and radiators to fire up again.

This can, over time, cost you quite a bit of money. When your furnace and radiators are constantly turning on to heat up your home, it can drive your energy bills up and force you to pay a fortune in the wintertime.

Underfloor heating offers you a much more energy efficient option for your home. You won't spend nearly as much money heating your home, regardless of whether you go with a water-based or electric-based system.

With this type of heating, your floors will warm up slowly and send heat upwards through each room. It'll allow your home to retain the warmth that is produced and cut way down on the amount of energy that is used.

You'll notice a big difference in your energy costs each and every month when you have heated floors in place.

2. Distributes Heat Throughout Your Home Better

Outside of cost, one of the other big drawbacks of using a furnace and radiators is that they don't distribute heat well. They work by dumping a significant amount of heat in one particular part of a room in an effort to warm it up.

The problem, of course, is that this approach makes that one part of the room very warm. If you're on the other side of the room, though, it could be a while before the heat makes its way to you. And by then, the air won't be as warm as it was when it first entered the room.

This isn't an issue at all with underfloor heating. The entire floor in a room will heat up at once and distribute the heat it produces evenly throughout that room.

It doesn't matter if you're sitting on one side of the room or the other. You'll feel the same amount of heat. This will make your entire house feel warm as opposed to just the parts where you have radiators or heat registers.

3. Turns Your Whole Home Into a More Comfortable Place to Be

Because of the way underfloor heating distributes heat throughout your home, you'll find it to be a much more comfortable place to be when you have it installed.

Your whole home will, as we just mentioned, feel warm instead of just the areas around radiators. But it goes beyond just that.

One thing that you'll appreciate about heated floors is the way the floors themselves feel, especially on your bare feet. You won't have to worry about putting slippers on every time you need to get up and walk around your house in the winter.

Your kitchen floors, your bathroom floors, and all of the other floors with underfloor heating installed will be warm to the touch. You'll come to appreciate this feature and what it has to offer to you and your family.

4. Keep Your Home's Floors Cleaner

Cold floors in your home in the wintertime are more than just inconvenient. They can also serve as breeding grounds for dust mites and more if you aren't careful, especially if the floors are a combination of both cold and damp.

Warming up the floors with underfloor heating will help you with this problem. It'll make your floors warm and dry, which will make it tough for dust mites to survive.

That doesn't mean you won't still need to take time to clean your floors as needed. Warming them up isn't a substitute for cleaning.

But you can reduce the dust mites in your home with heated floors and allow those with asthma and allergies to breathe easier.

5. Provides More Flexibility in Individual Room Temperatures

Are there certain rooms in your home that don't need as much heat as others?

From spare bedrooms to little-used office spaces, you have at least one or two rooms that don't always need heat in the winter.

Good luck trying to control the temperature in these rooms if you're still using a furnace and radiators. You're going to have a hard time shutting off the heat in one room while having it going in others. This will waste a lot of heat and, by extension, money over time.

Underheat flooring will provide you with the flexibility that you need to only heat certain rooms in your home. You can pick and choose which rooms need heat and which don't with a dedicated thermostat for each area.

This will allow you to shut off the heated floors in some rooms while using others. It'll also allow you to turn on the floors in, say, your bathroom before you take a shower without turning on all the floors in your entire house.

6. Saves a Significant Amount of Space

This might just be the most underrated benefit of installing underfloor heating in your home.

When you have a furnace, radiators, or any other kind of heating equipment, you need to find someplace to put it. In many cases, that means overcrowding your basement space with it or sprinkling it throughout various parts of your home.

This can use up a lot of your square footage. It can also prevent you from putting anything near the heating equipment since it could get ruined by it. It can be frustrating to deal with it!

With heated floors, there is no wasted space at all. Your underfloor heat will sit beneath your floors and won't force you to cut into your home's square footage.

As an added bonus, you also won't have to spend time trying to find ways to cover up ugly furnaces or radiators. Your interior design will improve with heated floors.

7. Costs Less to Maintain Than Other Heating Systems

In addition to paying to run your home's heating system every month, you also need to pay to maintain it on a regular basis. There will always be some little repair or service job that needs to be done.

You'll also have larger repairs that will creep up on you from time to time. They could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Underfloor heating, on the other hand, requires very little maintenance at all. As long as your heating system is set up properly at the beginning and up to code, there aren't going to be many instances in which you need to maintain it.

This is yet another way in which your heated floors will save you time and money.

8. Gives a Home a Great Selling Point

If you plan to live in your home forever and enjoy your heated floors, great. You can enjoy all the benefits of radiant heating for years to come.

But one day, you might decide to sell your home, and you'll find that your underfloor heating will continue to benefit you long after you've moved out. It'll likely give your property value a big boost.

Heated floors will be a very attractive selling feature to many home buyers. They'll be more than willing to pay a little extra to get access to them. They're seen as a high-end feature in a home and will provide you with a great return on your initial investment.

You'll likely fetch more offers and top dollar for your home when you have heated floors installed. Don't forget to include them as one of the main selling points if you ever put your home up on the market.

Install Underfloor Heating in Your Home Today

As you can see, there are so many advantages that will come with installing underfloor heating in your home.

You can choose to install heated floors throughout your home. You can also choose to install them in just one or two rooms in your home if that's a better option for you.

No matter where you put them, you'll love them right from the very start. They'll heat your home up in a whole new way and make it fun to walk around without anything on your feet again.

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