6 Things to Consider When Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

6 Things to Consider When Choosing New Bedroom Furniture

Ready to spice things up in the bedroom?

No, we're not talking about your love life. Overhauling your bedroom can lift your mood and make an old home feel like new. But mess it up, and you'll be stuck spending time in a bedroom you hate.

That's why we've put together these 6 things to consider when choosing new bedroom furniture.

1. Choose Your Colour Scheme

Even if you buy up all the nicest furniture you can find, you can still end up with a bedroom that doesn't look the part.

Picking out your colour scheme in advance will save your bedroom from looking like someone's storage unit by creating a sense of unity.

Choosing your preferred colour scheme in advance will also help you avoid some tragic mistakes. You're more likely to spot the problems with "all black everything" when you take the time to think about how it will affect your lighting, for instance.

Colour is key in a bedroom. A bedroom should be a relaxing, intimate space. Even if you scoff at feng shui, there's no denying the impact of interior design psychology.

2. Count Your Coins

If you're living in the real world, there's a good chance your budget will dictate some of your choices.

Setting your budget beforehand lets you know where you can allocate it. It will also tell you whether you should save a little longer to splash out on your dream bedroom.

If you're having to work within your means, try to spend it where it really matters. You can get away with a lower-quality nightstand easier than you can a bed, for instance.

Sometimes a strict budget forces you to choose function over style. But that doesn't mean you need to sacrifice everything for the sake of your bank balance. With a little planning, you'll still manage to pull together a unified style that can elevate each individual piece of furniture.

3. The Mix and Match

If you see a nice bedroom set on sale, you might not want to plunge in just yet.

Matching is one of the most powerful ways you have at your disposal to elevate a room. It can turn even a mix of second-hand furniture into a coherent design vision.

Nail your look down before you go shopping, including your style and materials. That way, you know what you're looking for and you're less likely to end up with a mismatch.

Be sure to consider what it will all look like once it's in place. Too much "matchiness" can overwhelm a room, so try to find a balance between fun and continuity.

Choosing two or three major looks can help you offset one element with the other, bringing texture to your final presentation.

4. The Test of Time

Here's a subtle spanner in the works: have you thought about how long your new bedroom furniture needs to last?

If you have some crazy no idea or you're planning to fit in with the season, you might want to take a longer look. Once you've overhauled your bedroom, there's a good chance you won't want to do it again for a long time.

That means your bedroom needs to stand the test of time. You need to come up with a scheme that won't wear out its welcome quickly, as a fad might do. You'll also want something that doesn't expire when the seasons change.

If you're someone who likes frequent change, then plan around it. Pick up furniture you can customise with removable panels or by painting over. With some foresight, you can have a fresh bedroom whenever you feel like it - without starting the whole process again.

5. Storage, Storage, Everywhere

Bedrooms are one of the biggest clutter hotspots in a house. They end up stuffed full of everything from clothes that won't fit anywhere else to whatever you had in your pocket that day.

That's why storage solutions are vital for the bedroom. It's something you'll want to consider in advance - or you'll spoil your new look with the shrapnel of your life.

There's plenty of bedroom furniture out there offering funky or clever storage options. If you or your partner are mucky pups by nature, consider spending some extra time to nail down your storage options.

Some of the major flashpoints for clutter include your bedside, your chest of drawers, and under your bed. Consider what storage options you have in these places. Don't stop at storing your clothes, because there'll always be more things in search of a home.

If you have a bed with no inbuilt storage, consider adding some tasteful storage options underneath. That way you'll have somewhere to put the things that don't fit without bringing down your whole aesthetic.

6. Plan Ahead

You may have noticed a common theme here: planning.

As with many areas of life, planning is the single best way to get results while cutting down on your costs, stress factors, and buyer's remorse. By taking the time to plan things out in advance, you can make your budget stretch much further and create a cohesive view.

Do plenty of online browsing, even if you don't make your final purchase through the web. This will give you a solid idea what you're searching for. Take measurements and map them onto your room - don't be afraid to make drawings!

Planning will help you cut down on disappointments later on. Even better, it'll also help you build up your excitement for the end result!

Settling on Your Bedroom Furniture

There's so much you can do with bedroom furniture. In the end, your needs and your preferences should dictate what you go with. By following these tips, you can save yourself from some of the most common oversights and find the right bedroom set for you.

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