Kitchen Sinks and Taps
Kitchen Sinks and Taps

Sinks and taps shouldn't be an afterthought when decorating a new kitchen or updating an old one. They must be chosen keeping in mind the available space, overall design of your kitchen and what worktop material you will be using.

Consider the following factors when selecting your kitchen sinks

  • The kind of sink configuration, like single, 1.5 or...

Sinks and taps shouldn't be an afterthought when decorating a new kitchen or updating an old one. They must be chosen keeping in mind the available space, overall design of your kitchen and what worktop material you will be using.

Consider the following factors when selecting your kitchen sinks

  • The kind of sink configuration, like single, 1.5 or double bowl as well as left or right hand drainer.
  • The material (stainless steel, ceramic, composite)
  • The installation method. Under-mounted, Inset or Belfast, remember worktop material can also affect this consideration.
  • Accessories (mixer taps, drainers, chopping boards, colanders, cabinets, and so on)

BBK Direct UK puts a vast variety of kitchen sink products before you so you can explore various features against your needs and make the right choice.

Inset Sinks

Firstly For instance, you can look at inset or drop-in sinks that can be dropped right into a cut-out in the worktop. Some of them come with ‘free-drain’ area as part of the sink, which helps keep any runoff where it belongs, in the sink. This sink type is extremely popular with laminate and composite worktops that have an mdf sub frame and are not 100% waterproof.

Under-Mounted Sinks

The second and a very popular option is under-mounted sinks. This is exactly what the name implies, the sink is mounted to the underside of the worktop leaving the inner edge of the worktop sink cut-out visible. This is an option that can be considered when looking at solid and 100% waterproof worktop materials like Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface materials (No mdf sub frame) also if you would like drainer grooves these would have to be cut into the worktop surface, which is appealing but could add a little bit more onto your worktop cost.

Belfast Sinks

The third and a popular option when wanting to achieve a more classic look is a Belfast sink that tends to have front side of the sink exposed. The reasons for installing these sinks are mostly aesthetics but they are also extremely functional, especially in a large family environment –Belfast sinks are usually made of glazed porcelain and truly stand out in a kitchen. We would suggest using this sink type with solid materials the same as with with under-mounted sinks. Drainer groves can be routed into the worktops surface for greater practicality and visual affect.

Our kitchen sinks are available at the best prices you will find online and they are all of the highest quality guaranteed.

What to keep in mind when selecting a tap for your kitchen

  •          Hot water pressure
  •          Do you want the convenience of a pull-out spray?
  •          Single level or twin handle taps?
  •          Are you particular about installing a filtered water tap?

The kitchen taps on our site are manufactured by well-known and trusted UK brands. You're assured of quality, reliability and value, as well as a great shopping experience!

Below are all the our available categories for sinks and taps so view our amazing sink and tap offers today and do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.


Kitchen Sinks and Taps  There are 205 products.


  • Undermounted Sinks
    Undermounted Sinks

    Undermounted kitchen sinks are a very popular choice when you want the maximum amount of worktop surface area to be visible, also this gives a clean and more uninterrupted look. The most popular material in this sink fitting option is stainless steel and acrylic, however they can also be in ceramic and even granite (Most commonly known as Fragenite). There are many different options to choose from but common/popular colours are brushed steel for stainless and slightly off white for acrylic/composite. Some other products you will find below are White undermount kitchen sink, double undermount sink, undermount stainless steel kitchen sink and ceramic undermount sink.

    What is the most popular bowl configuration?

    This is a question that is up to personal taste and how busy a kitchen is. However the options are limited as in all sink fitting options, so your choices would be, Single bowl, 1.5 Bowl (Generally one large and one half bowl) and then double bowl (Both Bowls equal size). Sometimes there will be an option for two large bowls and one half bowl, but this is not really necessary and not in very high demand.

    What worktop material is best suited for this sink type?

    Generally Granite, Quartz and Solid Surface worktops are best suited as they do not have chipboard or other MDF sub-frames that can be damaged by moisture. This is the biggest concern as the sink is fitted under the worktop exposing the inner edge of the sink cut-out.

    However Composite worktops (layer of acrylic on a MDF) are more frequently being used with undermounted sinks, this is possible by cutting a rebate into the underside of the worktop, taking the chipboard back a couple of mm’s and connecting the sink directly to the underside of the 5mm acrylic layer. But this option should only be done by experienced kitchen fitters.

    Best brands you should be looking at?

    Well the truth is all the brands we stock here at BBK Direct are the best in terms of materials used and quality manufacturing procedures. However some of them do have a bigger range to choose from and some have slightly better after sales service in terms of replacement parts, valves etc.. We would suggest having a look at Franke, Rangemaster and Astracast these manufacturers tick all the right boxes.

    Some kitchen tap info

    Most UM sinks come with tap holes already in the sink with set positions. But the most popular is to have your tap holes set into your work surface, generally inexpensive and adds to that seamless and integrated look.

    Don’t forget that you will have no drainer board attached to your sink, so remember to include this into your work surface just to help drain water to the correct area, helping with overall hygiene.  

    How about delivery?

    All our sinks are delivered in 3-5 days of placing your order and is delivered by us, so you can rest assure it will be delivered the first time round in perfect conditions.

  • Inset Sinks
    Inset Sinks

    Inset Sinks (Drop-in Sinks) for the UK Kitchen

    Inset sinks or Drop-in sinks are definitely the most common sink type used in UK kitchens today. They are not only cost affective but with different bowl options and helpful accessories also becoming more flexible in use and adding more effect on the overall visual appeal of a kitchen.

    What are the benefits?

    One of the biggest benefits is the fact that it is easier to install and that it requires less skill and accuracy levels when it comes to the over-mounted sink cut-out. Most Drop-in sinks come with a drainer board section and no need to have this cut into your worktops adding additional costs and elevating the risk of human error.

    This option also allows you to use any worktop material you preferred, whether for visual appeal or simply due to budget restraints. When correctly sealed there is no need to worry about water damage.  If you are looking to make your sink one of the focus points in your kitchen then this could be the way to go, with some manufacturers using polished stainless and other features like black glass chopping boards it will definitely add that something special, while being hygienic and practical too.

    What material or finishes are available?

    Gone are the days that stainless steel was your only option. Yes stainless steel is still the most popular, but even with this you have now options like silk-steel, polished or chromed. Drop-in sinks are also now available in granite, porcelain/ceramic and even composite and in colours you didn’t know you can get like oatmeal, black, grey, and an array of white colours. So go with traditional or try something new it is all up to your imagination.

    What about Delivery

    We deliver sinks and taps to all areas of mainland UK  in as little as 3 days, delivered by us directly so you can rest assure that it will be delivered the first time round as it should fast and without damage.

    View below all our drop-in sinks available. To find exactly what you are looking for simply use the filter options. Just another way we make thinks simpler, cheaper and faster. 

  • Belfast Sinks
    Belfast Sinks

    Belfast Kitchen Sinks UK 

    Belfast kitchen sinks has always been seen as farm style kitchen type of sink, and yes it is true that this type of sink does lend that country style charm to any kitchen. However people are starting to use this charm in more modern situations, by mixing new age materials and appliance to form a modern and sophisticated country style charm to their kitchens.

    What is the most popular worktop material to use with Belfast Sinks?

    Well due to the fact that the sink cut-out will be exposed and have to deal with an access of moisture, the good old favourites like Solid Granite and Quartz worktops are the most preferred. But it’s not just their ability to handle H2O better that makes them more popular with Belfast sinks, it’s the ability to lend that natural aspect of stone, granite or quartz which is synonymous with the country side living.

    Can it be used with wooden worktops?

    Most definitely and timber is another earthy type material that puts the word “country” into countryside. However timber if not sealed properly with for example Danish oil can cause some problems due to moisture etc.. We would suggest not only applying extra coats of oil to the sink cut-out edge but also maybe considering a harder wood species like Oak, Wenge or Walnut as their tight grain structure and natural ability to repel water is a great a great attribute to have with this sink type.

    What modern worktop material would we suggest to install a Belfast sink with?

    Even though Composite worktops can be used they often have a chipboard sub-frame that can be damaged by moisture if the edging is not installed properly or if the sink is not sealed properly. We would suggest a Solid Surface worktop like Mistral, Minerva or Apollo Slab Tech They are solid all the way through with NO sub-frame and are 100% non-porous perfectly suited for this sink type.

    Please view below our carefully selected ranges, available for delivery in as little as 3 days to your doorstep anywhere on the Mainland UK. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always here to help!

  • Kitchen Taps
    Kitchen Taps

    Taps for the UK kitchens – Uk's Best brands at the lowest prices!

    Kitchen Taps – Now that you selected your sink it’s time for an important addition, yes the humble and sometimes overlooked tap. Most people would not deem this a big or important decision, however after only a month of using it your cheap no name kitchen tap starts leaking, corroding, making noises and you are left spending your important time chasing down replacement parts which seems an impossible task, only then will you realise how important this choice actually was. This is definitely not saying that you must purchase the most expensive one you can find, simply make sure you look at more than just the price, like brand, warranty and after sale service as well.

    So what should you look out for?

    Manufacturer’s warranty – When it comes to this make sure that the manufacturer has at least a 5 year warranty on moving parts, valves etc. and 1 year warranty on the surface finish. Some of the best tap manufacturers will have this as warranty terms and should give you some piece of mind.

    After sales service – It’s all good and well if a product/manufacturer claims to have a good warranty, but if they don’t have a warranty or parts service department the chances are great that trying to get a replacement part will be so frustrating that you will just give up and rather purchase a new tap ending up costing you more money than just going with a better brand from the start.  

    Some extra things to consider when selecting a kitchen tap

    Water pressure rating is something to consider as some taps preform best when there is adequate water pressure while others are designed to enhance water flow experience when there isn’t much pressure.

    Take your sink selection into consideration, Single bowl, two and a half bowl, under-mounted, over-mounted… considering all these options will not only help you choose tap characteristics like spout reach, single or double lever, swivel or pull out spout etc. but also help answer the other questions like tap position and whether or not the tap hole must be placed in the sink, drilled into the work surface or maybe best to choose a wall mounted option to utilise worktop space better. No matter the answer your sink chosen will be a big deciding factor on what tap you chose!

    So what does BBK Direct do to help?

    We make things better, faster, simpler, cheaper always... Below is our extensive yet carefully selected range of available kitchen taps. All our products supplied are from the best brands available in the UK and viewed as some of the best manufacturers worldwide, so you can rest assure you will not only be getting the best product with the highest possible manufacturer’s warranty  but the best after sales service as well.

    All our taps are in stock and delivered to all areas of mainland UK in 2-5 days, making sure you are not only finding what you are looking for, but getting it in the time you need it. 

  • Sink and Tap Accessories
    Sink and Tap Accessories

    UK’s best sink and tap accessories

    Kitchen sink and tap accessories are definitely items that are overlooked and sometimes deemed unnecessary. We believe this shouldn’t be the case, allot of these accessories are produced by the manufacturers to not only make your life easier and your kitchen more functional but to make their sinks and taps a fixture that you can simply not do without, adding functional value to their overall product.

    What type of Acc are there?

    Strainer Bowls and Baskets – This Acc helps removing the need for a food preparation sink which can add unnecessary costs, plumbing and take up valuable counter space. This makes peeling, rinsing and prepping of vegetables and pretty much anything as effortless as possible. If you want to make the cleaning up process even easier and more hygienic consider having a garbage disposal unit also installed.


    Plumbing Kits – This has always been put under accessories, but it is more of a necessity and if you consider going with a specific sinks manufacturers plumbing kit it could truly make a sink installation as easy as it should be.


    Tap Brace - large or heavy taps might require additional support to overcome the occasional problem of “Flexing” which can present itself when larger taps are installed with stainless steel inset-sinks. It is installed underneath the sink for a seamless and non-obtrusive solution to this problem.


    Glass Cutting/Prepping Board - They have always been a must in the kitchen when it comes to preparing food especially meat and other products that should be prepped on a suitable surface, not only for hygiene purposes but the cleaning up afterwards. Now imagine using one that was made to fit your sink and work as one for effortless food prep, hygiene and cleaning… enough said!


    These are just a few of the most popular sink and tap accessories and they can all be browsed below. If you require any assistance picking out your perfect sink accessory simply contact one of our friendly and helpful staff for advice. 

  • Sink and Tap Packs
    Sink and Tap Packs

    Kitchen Sink and Tap Packs UK - Lowest Prices, Trusted Brands, Reliable Always! 

    Kitchen sink and tap packs truly take the guess work out of selecting the correct tap for a sink and vice versa. There are many things to consider from spout reach, fitting options, surface finishes and more.


    Below you will find already made up packs that have been suggested or set up by the manufacturers to help ease and speed up the decision process. All the above considerations have been factored in including historical customer purchases/combinations to determine what would be the most practical, functional and popular combinations.


    View all our available sink and tap packs below, for the best prices, reliable delivery and customer service that is second to none. All packs are available for delivery within 3-5 day to all areas of mainland UK.


    If you require any additional assistance please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly and helpful staff here at BBK Direct UK.

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