Is Your Stuff Overflowing? Here Are 10 Home Storage Hacks To Keep It In It's Place

Is Your Stuff Overflowing? Here Are 10 Home Storage Hacks To Keep It In It's Place

Are you worried that your house could resemble the television show Hoarders in a few months? Running out of space for all of your stuff is something none of us want to go through, so finding the best ways to keep everything neat and orderly is key.

Consider coming up with out of the box ways to store your possessions. Take a look at these 10 home storage hacks that will help keep everything in its place.

Attach Hooks to Your Walls

This may sound crazy, but it is actually a very smart move to save space in your kitchen. Instead of using the area under the sink to store pots and pans, install hooks onto your walls in the kitchen to hang all of your utensils and dishes.

Have you ever turned the oven on forgetting you had a pan or oven tray inside? It can be frustrating to have to grab it and find somewhere to place it without burning a surface.

The hooks will allow you to organize everything and give you more storage space for other items underneath your sink.

Install a Rack Over the Kitchen Sink

In addition to installing hooks in your kitchen, you can also invest in a dish rack that goes above your sink. If you have ever been in a tiny kitchen you can understand how valuable counter space can be.

Having a rack over the sink can give you an extra one to two feet of space for other kitchen items.

Purchase a Utensil Organizer

Having a utensil organizer can not only provide extra counter space but also open up an extra drawer in the kitchen as well.

The organizer can be placed near the oven in an ideal meal prep area, and if you want to get really fancy you can organize your spices too.

Create a Dresser in Your Stairwell

You may overlook the space your stairwell can provide you, but it can a valuable storage hack for the smart homeowner. You can create a set of dresser drawers in your stairs.

The side of the stairwell can also be used to store your family's items in easy to find places. Keep your upstairs bedrooms neat by allowing your family to place their shoes in dressers before walking up the stairs!

Mount an Ironing Board Onto a Wall

This may look like something out of an old 80's movie where the main character is stuck in a dive apartment in NYC, but it's actually a great way to open up closet space around your house.

Installing an ironing board into a wall with enough space for it, such as the living room, is a very smart idea. You can iron your clothes after doing the laundry, and not have to worry about lugging an iron around the house every time you need to use it.

Create Cubbies In Your Closets

Whether your family is big or small, creating cubbies in your closet is one of the best ways to make a storage hack for a small space.

You can organize the cubbies by each person in your household, or if you have a small family use the extra space for different scenarios for the day (outfit for different weather conditions).

This storage hack can also be used for non-clothing items if you need to make extra space in your bedroom.

Build Wall Racks For Your Bikes

Much like installing hooks for your kitchen utensils and pots/pans, your bike doesn't have to take up a lot of space in your house once you build wall racks. These racks can be metal, wood, or any other combination.

We all know how much space a bike can take up in your closet, garage, or hallway, so installing a wall rack can give you an extra five or six feet of space for other items.

Store Your Shoes Under Your Nightstand

This may sound like its common sense, but normally you may put all of your shoes in a closet right? If you have three to four pairs you regularly wear consider storing them under your nightstand.

If you have a nightstand that is equipped with a shelf or open space under a drawer that can be an easy place to put your shoes.

The extra space in your closet can be used for more clothes or other important items you may want to keep in your bedroom.

Install a Dresser Drawer Organizer

We all have that one dresser drawer that is full of junky items that you think you need but really don't. What if you could organize the dresser and keep everything separate in an orderly fashion?

Creating a dresser drawer organizer is great for jewelry, and can help you avoid the headache of searching 35 minutes to find one item.

Build a Shower Alcove

If you are tired of constantly dropping your shampoo or body wash in the tub while you are taking a shower, chances are you want to use all the available space on the tub.

Having a shower alcove installed will give you a convenient location for your essential bathroom items, while also helping you avoid wasting products.

This will also make cleaning the bathroom easier as you won't have to worry about cleaning off the rings of soap you commonly see after a shampoo bottle has overflowed a few times.

Which Storage Hacks Will You Use?

So now that you have seen our top 10 storage hacks for keeping items organized around your house, which ones will work best for you?

Comment below and don't forget to check out or bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen section for more organizational tips.

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