How to Properly Clean an Oven So It Looks Brand New

How to Properly Clean an Oven So It Looks Brand New

You've worked hard to create the kitchen of your dreams.

We know that you want to be able to keep your kitchen looking its best -- but that sometimes, life gets in the way.

Especially if you enjoy cooking in your new kitchen quite frequently, it's easy for your oven to become a complete mess. While preventative cleaning is always a smart idea, we understand that you don't always have the time to make it happen.

This post is here to help you when it comes to the best tips on how to clean an oven.

Whether you want to know the best way to clean an oven using natural ingredients, or if you're interested in learning how to get rid of serious stains, read on to find the solution you're looking for.

Getting Rid of Grease on Glass

Are you tired of the unsightly look of stains on your oven's glass?

Feel like the dirty oven is ruining the look of your recent kitchen renovation?

Frustrated by the fact that you can no longer see what's cooking inside the oven because of glass discoloration and staining?

If so, we know you want to know this tip.

For those dealing with a heavy amount of staining, you'll need to turn the oven up to 37 degrees Celsius. Once you've hit that temperature, turn your oven off, and open up its door for a few minutes to allow it to slightly cool down.

Once the oven door is warm, but not hot, you'll know you've hit the optimal temperature.

Now, spray a small amount of your oven cleaner on the interior and exterior of the glass. Close the door of the oven, and let the cleaner sit for about five to seven minutes.

Afterward, use a scrubbing sponge to get rid of the stains. Move in circles to ensure that everything lifts off easily. Once you're finished, wipe the glass down with a damp rag to get rid of any excess cleaner.

You'll be amazed by how much better your glass looks.

If you want to avoid having to do a deep clean like this far too frequently?

You'll need to do some weekly oven cleaning maintenance.

To master how to clean an oven's glass in a more routine manner, all you need is a little water and baking soda.

Fill up a spray bottle with two parts of warm water and one part of baking soda. Spray it on the interior and exterior of the glass, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse.

Cleaning Oven Racks

It's no secret that the racks of your oven can accumulate a serious amount of residue, old food, and other gunk that you'd rather not think about.

So what's the best way to clean an oven rack and get it looking new again?

First of all, take the oven racks out of the stove.

Then, using the oven cleaner of your choice, spray oven racks all over. Don't wipe them down just yet. Instead, invest in large resealable bags, and let the racks sit inside of them for about a half an hour.

This will allow the oven cleaner to fully penetrate the racks.

After the half-hour has ended, remove them from the bags and simply rinse the racks with warm water.

This should do the trick perfectly.

Use Ammonia Overnight

Especially if you're interested in more of a low-effort clean, we're confident that you'll love this trick.

First of all, heat your oven to about 93 degrees Celsius. This will help to loosen up any baked-on stains on the inside of your oven.

After the oven has reached 93 degrees, turn it off completely. Put about 450mL of ammonia into the oven in a glass bowl or even baking dish. Then, put a second bowl of boiling water on the rack underneath the dish filled with ammonia.

Let the dishes sit overnight. The next morning, use a damp rag to easily wipe away all of the grime inside of your oven.

How to Clean an Oven the Natural Way

We know that you're also anxious to learn how to clean an oven using more natural ingredients.

Especially given the rising concern surrounding the ingredients of more intense chemical cleaners, many homeowners are interested in natural solutions.

As you may have expected, vinegar and baking soda are two of the most effective natural ingredients when it comes to the best way to clean an oven without the use of chemicals.

Now, let's take a closer look at some common natural oven cleaning hacks. Plus, they're also an excellent way to master how to clean your new kitchen on a budget.

Getting Rid of Residue

Especially if you use your oven frequently, you likely have a good bit of buildup at the bottom of your oven from recipes past.

Begin by sprinkling a little bit of baking soda directly on the stains. While the baking soda sits, slice an orange in half and squeeze out its juice into a spray bottle. Next, add about 240mL of white vinegar to the bottle, and gently shake it up.

Spray the solution on the baking soda-covered stains, and let things soak in for about a half an hour.

The residue should easily come off with a paper towel or a damp sponge. If not, simply repeat the process.

A Total Natural Clean

Looking for an all-over natural clean for your oven?

If so, then you can still make it happen using only vinegar and baking soda.

First of all, take everything out of your oven. This includes your racks, any pots and pans you've stored in the oven, and your thermometer.

Put about 350mL of baking soda and a small amount of water inside of a spray bottle. Once the baking soda has adopted a paste-like texture, you'll know that you've added the correct amount of water.

Then, spread the mixture of baking soda and water all over the interior of your oven using gloves. Just make sure that you don't put any of the paste near the heating elements within the oven.

Then, let this paste sit for about 12 hours, or at a minimum, overnight.

In the morning, you'll need to use a damp sponge or cloth to wipe off the mixture. If the cloth begins to turn brown, it's a good sign. It means that the mixture has successfully soaked up the grease on the oven.

If the mixture seems to stick to certain areas, don't panic. This is where using the white vinegar comes in. The vinegar reacts perfectly with the baking soda, loosening it so that it's easy for you to wipe up.

How to Clean With Cream of Tartar

In addition to getting rid of grime and residue on the interior of your oven, we also know that you're likely curious about how to polish its exterior.

This is especially helpful if you've made the choice to invest in a stainless steel oven.

Believe it or not, cream of tartar seasoning is an incredibly effective way to polish your oven. Just mix about one part of cream of tartar with two part of warm water. Then, add about a handful of baking soda to the mixture, and apply it to your oven's exterior with a paper towel.

Cream of tartar can also help you to get rid of any mold or mildew that has built up on the inside of your oven.

It can even help you to get rid of ants that have decided to call your oven home.

To tackle either of these issues, combine one part of cream of tartar with two parts of water, and spray directly on the affected area.

Let sit for about five to ten minutes, then wipe down with water. Just make sure that you wear gloves when doing so.

You Can Clean an Oven: What's Next for Your Kitchen?

We hope that you've enjoyed learning all about some of our favourite ways to clean an oven.

Whether you prefer using more natural methods to keep your oven looking as good as new, or if you enjoy using a more standard oven cleaner, there's no excuse for a dirty oven.

Once you've mastered how to clean an oven?

We're confident that you'll start to think about how you can improve the look of your kitchen as a whole.

When you're ready to pick up even more tips about how to take the look of your kitchen to the next level, let us tell you how we can help.

Be sure to keep on checking back with our blog for more cleaning tips.

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