The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

The Ultimate Kitchen Sink Buying Guide

As a responsible homeowner, you know how important it is to keep your home updated and maintained. You understand the value of a welcoming, functional environment to keep your family at peace in their own home. Plus, you know that such an atmosphere can go a long way in impressing any guests you may have.

Perhaps you have recently been considering remodelling your kitchen. You might even already be in that process. You have a lot of detailed design decisions to make, and sometimes they can be tough to navigate.

For one thing, you aren't sure about the best type of kitchen sink to suit your kitchen. Well, the good news is that you have come to the right place by reading this comprehensive article.

Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about buying the perfect kitchen sink to suit your home and your family's needs.

Don't Get Overwhelmed by the Vastness of the Home Improvement Industry

It's no secret that renovating your home can cost a pretty penny. In fact, statistics show that, on average, most homeowners spend one to four percent of the home's overall value every year on home repair and improvement. It's clear that the home improvement industry is huge and perhaps daunting if you don't know where to start.

Here's another way to look at it. In 2015 alone, Americans spent over $326 billion on repairs and maintenance and even with the UK being a much smaller country its spends spend is up there with US.  You might marvel at how much money is spent on improving the home, but that doesn't mean it has to be expensive for everyone's remodelling needs.

If you're in the process of remodelling, it's understandable that you might feel overwhelmed with the many, many options available for "improvement." All kinds of companies are going to try to sell you this or that as a "necessity" for your kitchen.

Just because there are a ton of options to consider in this industry doesn't mean you have to spend a ton of money. If you have a small budget, make sure you stick with it.

Make Sure You Stick with Your Budget

In fact, it's smart to repair and improve the absolutely necessary projects in your home before worrying about its appearance. Consider that the average cost of having a kitchen sink installed is $248 to $386.

If your sink, or something else in your kitchen, isn't functional, that's where you need to start in your remodel. You deserve to have both a nice, new kitchen and financial stability. Don't let home improvement services and products convince that you need anything added to your list of necessities.

That means you need to make sure you don't go overboard when buying appliances and features for your new kitchen. First, start with the functional necessities. Then, you can consider adding some pretty details to the room.

Your Kitchen Sink Should Reflect the Entire Aesthetic of Your Kitchen Design

Perhaps you aren't too worried about the cost of your kitchen remodelling project. If that is the case, good for you. You get to design an entire kitchen, which can be very fun and fulfilling.

You know that a welcoming, friendly, spacious kitchen simply feels better to be in. That's why you want to get both the room's function and its aesthetic just right.

Before you browse the many kitchen sinks available, consider the overall design of your remodelling project. Are you going for a sleek, modern style? Would you prefer a more rustic, traditional kitchen?

Take the time to really figure out what kind of kitchen design you want to present to your family and your guests. Start by determining the colour scheme, lighting, flooring, and countertop styles you'll want. Then, you can choose the sink that fits it well.

Number of Basins

There are dozens and dozens of styles of sinks that you get to choose from. To start, you should decide what shape and size of sink you're going to want.

This, of course, depends on the amount of room you have available for your sink. Not everyone has a huge kitchen they're going to be remodelling.

If you have some flexibility with space, though, consider how many basins you want your sink to be. For the most part, kitchen sinks have either one or two basins. Sometimes, though, for particularly busy housekeepers, three basins are more efficient for cleaning and meal preparation.

Sinks with one basin are easier to clean and maintain. They're essentially one large bowl to fill with dishes, water, or whatever else.

In contrast, two basins allow you to have more control over separating things like dirty and clean dishes, for example. Think about your style of working in the kitchen. How many basins make sense for you and your family?

Kitchen Sink Types

One particular style of sink to consider is called a farmhouse sink. This sink has somewhat of a more accessible feel to it since the edge of the sink comes below the countertop. In fact, many people of shorter height prefer this sink for that exact reason.

You might be familiar with the traditional kitchen sink with sides that are somewhat raised from the countertop. That means that when it was installed, it was installed from the top and set into the counter. With these sinks, it's common to be able to tell that they were glued with a strong adhesive that sometimes can, unfortunately, peel off.

In contrast, there is something called an "undermount" sink. It is installed from underneath the counter, and is, therefore, lower than the level of the counter. This is convenient because it deters messes of splashing water.

Different Sink Materials

As mentioned above, there are many different kitchen styles that could affect the best kind of sink for your home. In particular, different sink materials provide different design aesthetics you'd want to know about.

For a more modern design, recent trends show that stainless steel sinks are the way to go. They're appealing for many other reasons, too. Stainless steel kitchen sinks are much easier to clean and are resistant to scratches.

Plus, because so many people love stainless steel sinks, they're comparatively affordable to other materials. You can find stainless steel sinks in all shapes and sizes. If that's the material you prefer for a modern kitchen, do your research to find the style that you like best.

Stainless steel sinks might be the most convenient sink material, but there are other designs that provide a different aesthetic that's just as lovely. Cast iron sinks are also known to be very durable. Plus, they can come in a variety of colours to allow for plenty of customization in your kitchen remodelling.

For a more eccentric material of sink, consider a composite one. These sinks come in quartz, granite, or other mixed materials. These sinks are perfect for messy, well-used kitchens because they hide scratches and stains really well with the speckled appearance.

Where Do You Want Your Sink To Be?

Many people, but not everyone, have the flexibility to completely redesign their kitchen. They might be gutting everything from the floor to the ceiling. Though this can be an exciting "nesting" process, it can get overwhelming with the countless decisions to make.

When it comes to your new kitchen sink, if you have this flexibility, think about where you really want it. You're likely familiar with kitchen sinks placed right under the window along one wall. This provides a lovely outdoor view when at the sink, but consider other options.

Many modern homes have instead placed the sink in the centre of the kitchen at an island. This allows for much more flexibility and space within the kitchen. People who prepare large meals appreciate this design because they don't feel stuck in the corner.

A sink in the middle of the kitchen also seems to open up the space's atmosphere. Many homeowners choose to remodel their kitchen with the sink in the middle if they like to host guests often. It allows them to stand and socialize while they either prepare the meals or clean up after them.

Choose a Faucet, Too

After you choose exactly what kind of shape, size, material, and colour best suits your sink, don't get too excited. You're not done yet when it comes to finalizing the perfect kitchen sink for your remodel.

You still get to choose what kind of water faucet you want. This is essentially an accessory for your sink, but it's still an important part. Make sure you do plenty of research regarding all of the materials, shapes, and sizes of faucets to finalize your desired aesthetic.

Keep Yourself Informed of Home Design Trends

Maybe you have a large remodelling project ahead of you. Maybe, though, you're only looking to replace your current kitchen sink. Either way, you should have plenty of information to get started after reading this article.

We know how important it is to have the kitchen design of your dreams. Our homes are our havens. That's why we encourage you to keep up with home design trends by researching our remodelling blog for more tips and tricks.

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