9 Kitchen Flooring Ideas You Need to See

9 Kitchen Flooring Ideas You Need to See

The national average in the USA for the cost of a new kitchen floor is $2,884 and in the UK it is around £1,389. When spending this much money, you'd better get it right the first time!

If you're fixing up your kitchen, the choices are slightly more limited. For example, having carpet in the kitchen is possible but definitely not safe or practical.

Even so, kitchen flooring options can seem endless when you first begin looking. But, luckily, kitchen flooring ideas can be found everywhere.

Hopefully, this list will inspire you and get you thinking about which kitchen flooring is right for your home. Let's take a look at some of the most popular options:

1. Wood Provides a Warm, Homely Aesthetic

This is a more popular choice as it looks stylish and high-quality. You'll also instantly warm up the kitchen aesthetic by opting for this material.

However, wood flooring comes with many downsides. For example, you'll need to protect it from stains.

If you opt for this choice, make sure your wood is sealed and always go for a high-quality material, even if it costs a little extra.

Distressed Wood

Your friend's highly stylish wood floor which looks reclaimed and vintage is most likely distressed by hand.

This wood style provides a homely yet extremely rustic vibe, giving the feeling that a family has lived in their home for many years.

There are many DIY ways to distress wood which include staining it, beating it, sanding it and painting it. If you're going to do this yourself, buy cheap wood!

2. Tile can be Patterened and Colorful

Tile is extremely versatile and low-maintenance making it perfect for a kitchen and a very popular choice.

Better yet, you can opt for a funky pattern to brighten up your kitchen or choose something which mimics wood but doesn't come with the aggravation.

When installing this flooring, you should always hire a professional as it can easily go wrong. Tile inspiration includes:

  • Grey large slate.
  • Modern deco green tiles.
  • Wood-style tiles.
  • Small mosaic tiles.

Check out Pinterest for more tile ideas as this list could be neverending!

3. Vinyl is Waterproof and can Look Like Wood

This material needs professional installation too but the result is a waterproof finish which is also low-maintenance.

Better yet, it's possible to buy vinyl which looks like wood. This means all the benefits of wood flooring without the hassle of having to finish it.

However, there are hundreds of options for vinyl flooring to choose from. These include a tiled or wood effect, a chequered look or two different colors entirely.

4. Bamboo is Perfect for Eco-Friendly Consumers

For the more eco-conscious consumers amongst us, this is a brilliant option. Bamboo is well known for being environmentally friendly as it grows quickly making it a renewable resource.

Better yet, it does not require painting which means you can skip bringing hazardous substances into your home.

This material is strong and very attractive. However, watch out for dropping heavy kitchen items on the floor as you may dent the surface.

5. Cork is Fashionable and Anti-Microbial

Cork is a popular choice for many a hipster coffee shop you may visit but now, this flooring is also becoming a top choice in people's homes.

It provides a spongey, springy feel underfoot and is yet again an eco-friendly choice. This material is easy to spot in a kitchen, unlike vinyl.

Cork does have the same downsides as bamboo in that it can be easily dented. But, you may find that the benefit of a flooring which is anti-microbial makes up for this.

6. Concrete is Simple but Cool

Perhaps not the most obvious choice for your home but, concrete can actually make for a very stylish kitchen floor.

Better yet, it's extremely easy to clean, very durable and you don't need to worry about water stains either.

However, it can also appear cold and harsh. If you're cooking all afternoon, it can also feel very cold underfoot.

Try to combat this by putting down colorful rugs (or wear slippers!)

If you have little ones, think twice before installing a concrete floor. Although it's extremely easy to clean, it could mean harder falls and louder tears.

7. Stone Provides a Lived in Cottage Look

Creating a farmer's homely, cottage vibe? A stone floor in a warm kitchen can certainly help this come across.

Get yourself an Aga and your countryside cozy look is complete. This material is a great choice because it can't be easily damaged and it's very easy to clean.

If you have pets, children or are a messy cook, it's also a great choice. But, these properties are only guaranteed when the stone is of a high-quality.

This makes it a more expensive choice than some others on this list. However, it'll last for many years to come.

8. Choose the Right Color for Your Kitchen

When choosing a flooring, it's essential to take into account the rest of the kitchen. For example, if you have bright colored cabinets, then consider choosing a subtle floor color or material.

However, if you have all white cabinets, then choosing a bright, colorful and patterned tile floor is a great idea and will jazz up a bland kitchen.

Remember, wood will add feelings of warmth to a home's aesthetic while concrete will cool it down. Color has a big impact on how we perceive a room and is worth getting right.

9. Now, Mix Up the Shapes!

No matter which material you choose for your floor, you don't have to stick to long planks. Instead, mix it up and try hexagonal patterns, circles or smaller tiles.

This is most attractive in a plain kitchen as it'll liven up the room. Or, try this look if your home style is already eclectic.

Remember to always get a sample of your prospective flooring first to see whether it's right for your home.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas can be Found Everywhere

When walking around your local town, look out for the styles of kitchen flooring used. You'll be surprised how many different options you'll come across in just one day.

For more kitchen flooring ideas and to receive a free sample, get in touch today!

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