Latest Manufacturers News - Corian® DeepColor™ Technology

 Latest Manufacturers News - Corian® DeepColor™ Technology

Exciting News Regarding Black Worktops In The industry

Black or darker coloured surfaces have always been a firm favourite in the home and other industries as it can be used with great affect to create dramatic contrast or to draw attention to certain areas or appliances, and it always gives that clean high-end feeling. However black and darker colours in the work surface industry has also created some headaches as the maintenance required for these worktops have always been higher than its lighter coloured counterparts and scratches have always been more prominent, regardless of what material it is.

One of the biggest concerns with composites or Solid Surface worktops is that scratches on darker coloured surfaces “scratch white” making any marks on the work surface 100% more noticeable than on lighter colours.

Well the inventors of the original Solid Surface Material “Corian by Dupont” have found a solution with Corian’s Deep Scratch Technology!

What IS Corian® DeepColor™ Technology?

Corian deep colour technology is a unique blend of particles that makes darker colours easier to sand and allows thermoforming with much less marking (n.b. product scratches to black not white) Deep Black Quartz, Deep Night Sky, Deep Bedrock are just some of the colours now available for kitchen and other industry uses.

What are some of the benefits?

  •         A deeper darker richer appearance
  •         Reduced whitening when hit by impact, heat or thermoforming
  •         Reducing scratch appearance by 50%
  •         Plus reduced sanding time to achieve the desired finish.

This advancement to some might seem trivial, but the amount of doors this can open is quite significant. Bars, receptions, restaurants, hotels and much more always wanted black worktops in their establishments, but composites couldn’t be used in these high traffic areas regardless of all its countless other attributes so Granite and Quartz were pretty much the only option. Corian Deep Scratch Technology has changed all this, finally a dark Solid Surface material that can be used with confidence in high traffic areas.

This added technology has not taken anything away from the original attributes that made Corian a household name worldwide. It is still heat, stain and scratch resistant with the added benefit of being renewable. 100% hygienic and non-porous are also on the top of the list of attributes and the fact it can still be seamlessly joined for that modern clean crisp look. So the Deep scratch technology has simply added itself to the long list of impressive and positively contributing attributes that make Corian what it is today.

Just something important to remember

Remember only Corian worktops installed by Dupont quality approved fitters will hold the 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Just something Dupont has put into place to make sure that the amazing product they developed called Corian is accompanied by the same levels of fitting perfection as the material itself.

To view all Corian colours available view or Corian page here 

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