Breakfast Bar Worktops - What type of materials and some design inspiration

Breakfast Bar Worktops - What type of materials and some design inspiration

Breakfast Bars worktops are really easy to find here at BBK Direct UK, as every material and brand we offer in terms of work surfaces come in different BB Sizes. And what we have is by far the largest selection in the UK at the lowest prices, coupled with the best service and delivery, and yes, we are 100% confidant about this. So with that out the way please view any of our available surface materials below or read further for some breakfast bar inspiration and a little insight that might give you an entire new look or fresh ideas on your project.

 Solid Surface Composite Laminate Solid Wood Quartz Granite Corian 

We are the best breakfast bar worktops UK suppliers and the truth is we have the largest selection in the UK from  Apollo Slab Tech breakfast bars, Minerva breakfast bars, Apollo Magna breakfast bars, Odyssey breakfast bars, Mistral breakfast bars & M-Stone breakfast bars,  granite breakfast bar and our solid surface breakfast bar worktop range is just as extensive.

From this point forward we will be referring to a Breakfast Bar as simply BB

So what is a Breakfast Bar?

A BB refers to a section of worksurface which is connected onto or part off your main runs of kitchen surfaces, and is generally wider than the average work surface. This is to create an overhang of approx. 300mm, or if Breakfast bar legs are present up to 600mm and wider, whereby a person or persons can sit comfortably. A BB area can be anywhere you decide, like an area at the end of the run as a one or two seater, on the opposite side of the work area or even part of your island unit for even more seating, your choice is only limited by your imagination. This overhang can be achieved with either using smaller units or wider tops or a combination of both on a specific run.

So why did this become such a big trend?

There could be much debate to where this actually started, USA, here in the UK or elsewhere, all we know is that it is a practical decision and we believe that better utilization of space was one of the main causes for this trend. However the social and family boding factors could also be a contributor to this trend, just like in spacious farmhouses where breakfast was a family event and everyone sat around a large table in the kitchen, it has now just slightly evolved to make it more practical in a modern, urban and smaller environment.

So what are our suggestions for some BB inspiration?

Use Different Materials and Colours

Make your BB area stand out and become a feature in your kitchen, using the same material but having your BB area in a contrasting colour truly works wonders. A great combination is pure white acrylic main surfaces and a lighter grey surface for this area or in reverse. Another great combination, if you are looking to mix colour and materials is white main surface with grey or brown speckle and a solid wooden or laminate (in a wood tone) breakfast bar. The grey or brown in the white surface will pick up the tones of the wood, tying it all together, also the wooden hues will bring a touch of warmth and character to an otherwise “cold” kitchen.


Make Your Island Unit Work for You

If you have a larger kitchen with an island unit, utilize it to its fullest. It is always a feature to have a food preparation sink or other appliance built into an island, by simply adding an overhang and some BB stools will not only give the participant a great area to sit at but also an area that will make them feel like part of the kitchen instead of an observer simply staring in from the outside.

 Island Unit Breakfast Bar

Raise The Bar

We actually mean raise your BB. One of our favourites is to raise the BB area this not only brings another layer or dimension to your kitchen design, but also gives the person sitting there the feeling of being above the action or in the kitchen without actually taking up the chefs, Mom or wifes' space. Not to mention making a conversation between the parties involved whether sitting or standing at the same eye level subconsciously adding to the overall kitchen experience.

 Raised Breakfast Bar

Add some shape

Kitchens are generally extremely square, so adding a nice half-moon, oval, tear drop or almost circular breakfast bar area will not only pull attention to this area without having to use contrasts or mix of materials, but simply making it an inviting section of the kitchen with soft lines and gentle curves. Doing this in combination with raising the bar will add not only extra layers and dimension to your kitchen but also that appearance of actual design savvy taking place in your kitchen design.

 Half Round Breakfast Bar

Use a harder material

When cooking a person generally takes more care of where you place hot plates and how you move things around. However if your BB area is going to be the centre gathering point for your family in the morning (Especially kids) then consider a harder wearing material like quartz or granite this will allow them to push their plates around or even “bang” them without causing damage to your expensive work top, yes you might have a broken plate but this will be much cheaper to replace than an entire section of work surface, not to mention the effort involved. If your kitchen is not going to be so busy, do it the other way round as another play on materials and this will give you caution-free cooking too.


Now after all this talk of BB’s we truly hope that this has not only given you some design ideas, but also the confidence to play around with your design and explore the possibilities, leading to an artistic and enjoyable project. And just know no matter what you decide BBK Direct will always have what you need to make it happen. If you require any further assistance do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on 0203 397 3998, or simply use the Live chat button below.

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