Latest BBK Direct Clients Kitchen - Design Inspiration April 2017

Latest BBK Direct Clients Kitchen - Design Inspiration April 2017

I was recently inspired to write about a kitchen installation or new build project that is not only contemporary and modern but warm and inviting with a hint of classic at the same time. The colour selection and layout of the kitchen is practical yet elegant.

A valued and generous client based in Shetland provided us with the images you see here today, a real work of art. The fashionable Rangemaster range cooker adds some old school sophistication to the make-up of the kitchen, a great combination with the wood effect laminate flooring.

How to choose the right cabinet door colour for your kitchen:

The client wanted a kitchen door colour that would be easy to clean and maintain but not too light in colour. They wanted to create a contrast between the light island worktop centre piece and the surrounding space. The grey unit doors are a perfect match to the grey veining in the Apollo Quartz Lyskam White worktop, adding depth to the design and merging the kitchen together.

The grey and blue door colour combination selected was genius and lends a playfulness to the kitchen. Back to the basics with fantastic slab style kitchen units, the incorporation of a country style shaker door would also have worked well with this stylish Quartz worktop.

The kitchen is probably the one room in a home that is used by the whole family, most which include children and pets. It may be harder to maintain a gloss door selection, keeping the glossy finish smudge-free but, high shine white doors are the most popular kitchen unit selection at present as it can be integrated with almost any worktop colour or material. Classic white on white, for example, can add an exceptionally fresh look to your kitchen.

Verde in use

How to add a splash of colour to your kitchen:

There are many ways to add extra colour to a room. Essentially you could add an eye-catching bold coloured worktop as a focal point or you could add subtle hints of colour with a brightly coloured splashback or uniquely coloured appliances. This particular client decided to add a dash of metallics to the kitchen by using the Formica Prima Ragged Copper splashback behind the cooker and bronze coloured lights overhead. This added a noteworthy richness and warmth to the kitchen.

Copper splashback in clients kitchen

Here are a few more stunning splashbacks examples used to add some vibrancy to beautiful kitchens:

colour in use  colour in use 2 colour in use 3

Natural yet modern:

This unique kitchen includes a natural setting of Oak wooden worktops .

using wooden worktops for warmth

Natural Oak worktops can add great intensity to a kitchen. The rich tones work so well with the hints of copper in this kitchen but it is not overpowering. The wooden worktops neatly frame the island unit, together the metal and rustic wood adds warmth that would have been lost if any other surface was used as an additional to the Quartz island worktop.

Although Oak worktops are classified as medium coloured wood, another wood species like European Walnut would also work well in this kitchen design.

The chalk-like laminate flooring the client chose for this kitchen lends itself towards to white contrast of the Quartz worktop.

Overall a stunning combination of modern and countryside.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information, friendly service or other helpful advice.

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