Some Useful Information & Advice Regarding Baths

Some Useful Information & Advice Regarding Baths

Common Bath Shapes and Sizes in the UK

Baths come in a wide variety of designs and shapes, they can be fitted into a recess area, in a corner or if space in a bathroom is not of concern as a peninsula or freestanding.

Baths can either be integrated into a bathroom or free standing but another popular choice when working with limited space is a shower bath where the bath can be used as a bath or as a shower cancelling out the need for two separate areas therefore using limited space better.

Standard bath sizes are generally 1500 – 1800mm long and 700 – 800mm wide.

Different bath designs and materials most common to the UK home and hospitality industry.

What bath material is best?

For home use we suggest cast acrylic baths as they are the most cost effective and will be more than adequate to handle a moderate to busy household, for commercial and hospitality applications cast iron or steel baths that have been porcelain enamelled would be more suitable as they are extremely durable and heavy and will stand up to extreme usage a lot better.

Corner and Recess Baths

Corner and save saving bath BBK Direct

With corner and recess baths it is important to check that the bath comes with the necessary end and side panels, but remember you can create beautiful setting by simply using different colour and textured wall panelling to replace the standard end and side panels for a more dramatic and contrasting affect.

Jacuzzi Baths

Jacuzzi Bath BBK Direct

This is a great addition to any home and quite truly a luxury item that most people only use once or twice and it is important to remember that it will require additional maintenance and have a bigger chance for something to go wrong with all its additional plumbing, gadgets etc…, we suggest a person should weigh up the options carefully and determine if a Jacuzzi bath is worth the effort and cost.

Shower Baths

Shower bath BBK Direct

With houses becoming smaller and more pressed for space shower baths are quickly becoming the norm and new styling and designs are making them more of a design statement and not just a space saver, so shower baths should be in your top choices when choosing a bath.

Freestanding Baths 

Freestanding Bath BBK Direct

If space is not a concern in your bathroom project, then freestanding baths should definitely be a consideration. Available in some amazing moulded acrylic designs your bath could indeed become the centre of your bathroom design. Just remember, if you position the bath further from a wall a freestanding bath filler could be a nice addition. However additional plumbing and pipe work could be required that will add to the overall cost.

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