Quick-Step Sealant - Kit Cartridge 310ml
  • Quick-Step Sealant - Kit Cartridge 310ml

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Quick-Step / Unilin Accessories are not sold separately.

Silent Walk Underlay 2mm (7 sqm per roll)
The ideal underlay for rooms with heavy traffic (living room, hallway, etc.). Offers optimal noise reduction and the best efficiency with floor heating.

Unisound Underlay 2mm (15 sqm per roll)
Great all-round underlay for rooms with frequent traffic (living room, hallway, kitchen, etc.).

Basic Plus Underlay 2mm (15 sqm per roll)
Good all-round underlay for rooms with less traffic (attic, home office, etc.).

TransitSound Underlay 2mm (15 sqm per roll)
Ideal noise-reducing underlay for upper floor rooms and apartments.

ThermoLevel Underlay 5mm (9 sqm per roll)
Ideal for irregular subfloors. Provides additional insulation. Not compatible with floor heating.

Foam Underlay 3mm (15 sqm per roll)
Univeral foam underlay, suitable for most areas.

Skirting Clips (x50)
Clips for the installation of standard skirting boards. 6 to 8 clips are needed per skirting board of 2400mm. Install the clips at the same time as your floor. No glue or screws needed. Skirtings can be removed at all time. Not suitable for 12 mm floors.

Laminate Installation Set
The Quick-Step installation set contains everything you need to rapidly install your floor without damaging it: a tapping block, adjustable spacers (to make sure you get the expansion joints right) and a metal crowbar.

Sealant - Kit Cartridge 310ml
This elastic, acrylic-based paste is the ideal solution for those spots where you cannot install skirting boards or profiles. It’s available in a colour fitting your floor. Average usage: 1 tube per 30 m² room.

One4All Glue 290ml
This multifunctional One4All glue is specifically developed for all applications with the Quick-Step solutions. It is perfect for quick and firm fixing of all the skirting boards to the wall, and for use with the Quick-Step Incizo profile and its sub-profiles.

Hydrokit Cartridge 310ml
The Quick‑Step Hydrokit is a transparent silicone for an invisible and waterproof finishing of skirting boards, profiles. A perfect solution in combination with the Quick-Step waterproof ranges! In order to achieve the 10 year wet area warranty applicable on those ranges you must use the Hydrokit and PE Foam as per the installation instructions.

Flexible Paintable Skirting - White (7000x14x40mm)
A nice finish for round pillars or curved walls. No problem with this paintable flexible skirting, made of flexible, yet solid foam. This skirting board is 4 cm high and 1.4 cm thick and can be cut to the exact length that you need.

Standard Skirting (MOQ x6) - 2400 x 12 x 58mm
Thanks to the patented Incizo technology, you can easily cut this skirting to a 4 cm skirting. The supplied connecting pieces will help you to neatly join all skirtings along the wall, but also in inner or outer corners.

Scotia Beading 2400 x 17 x 17mm
A discreet finish to your floor. Can also be used as a finish in combination with existing skirting boards.

Incizo Profile 2150 x 48 x 13mm
The patented Incizo profile is extremely handy to give your floor and stairs that perfect finish. You can use one and the same profile for all finishing situations: between two floors of the same height or with difference in height, as a transition to a wall, window or carpet. Simply cut the basic Incizo profile to the shape required using the supplied slitter. For application on stairs or steps, please order the Incizo aluminium subprofile for stairs separately.

Multi-functional Silver Profile - 1860 x 47 x 16mm
Profile in wear-resistant aluminium to bridge height differences from 0 to 12.3 mm. To be used for instance between 2 Quick-Step laminate floors, between 2 Livyn floors, or between a laminate or Livyn floor and another lower or higher floor. Patent pending.

Fitted Doormat 
The Quick-Step Doormat neatly fits in your hallway. The brushing zones help prevent sand and dirt from coming into your home. In addition, the mat helps to avoid wet footsteps in your hall. The doormat fits seamlessly in a strong aluminium frame that is countersunk into the floor. It’s easy to install and clean. A very elegant and practical solution.
Frame: 79 cm x 47,8 cm
(Mat: 74,6 cm x 43,4 cm x 0,9 cm)

Cleaning Kit
The cleaning products are specifically developed for Quick‑Step floors. They cleanse the floor surface thoroughly and maintain the original look of your floor. No residual layers of cleaning product are left behind.
Contents: mop holder, washable microfiber mop, Quick‑Step Cleaning product 1000 ml

Cleaning Fluid 1000ml
Dedicated cleaning product for easy and effective cleaning of Quick-Step floors (1000 ml).

Cleaning Mop Wiper
A washable microfibre mop for use with the Quick-Step Cleaning Kit. You can use the mop dry or slightly moist. 

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