Preparation for Installation: your obligations and some requirements

The final step will obviously be your fitting and this is where your kitchen finally starts looking like a kitchen. To complete this successfully, we require preparation from you for the following:

1. During the visit either yourself or your authorised representative must be present to sign off the Satisfaction Note once the work is completed. If this is not possible the visit will be aborted and a charge will be applied.

2. All sinks and appliances must be disconnected and any temporary work surfaces removed prior to Installation. The installation cannot start if this is not complete and will be aborted, a charge will be applied.

3. ***Worktops over 1.8m2 and up to 3.6m2 require Extra Labour, please ensure that you have two additional labourers onsite to assist during installation. If you are unable to arrange your own labourers we can provide two able bodied workmen at an extra cost of £299. Quartz Worktops that are over 1.8m2 in size require additional labour to carry the worktops on to site and lift into place.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions regarding your fitting.