From Initial Quote to Fitting

Ok, so you have now got your discounted quote from BBK Direct UK for Granite, Quartz, Corian or Apollo Slab Tech; through either our online quoting system or via one of our friendly staff. This was quite effortless? Well it doesn’t get any harder, we have streamlined the process from initial quote to fitting, making a big job like getting a worktop installed as unobtrusive to your life as possible.

Ok so what are the next steps?

Step 1. Accepting your quote.

-If accepting a quote emailed to you, simply reply to that emailed quote with your Full name and surname with “Quote Accepted” on it.
-If accepting a quote from the online quote generator, simply click the “Accept this Quote” button.

Once quote acceptance received Step 2 will commence.

Step 2. Once your quote acceptance is received and reviewed.

-Confirmation of your order and deposit payment request will be sent to you within 2 hrs.
-We can only secure your template and fitting dates once deposit payment has been received, so please do this as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Step 3. Confirmation of template and fitting dates

-Once deposit is received it can take 48-72 hrs for us to advise of the first possible template and fitting dates.
-Review dates and advise that they have been received in good order by return email.

Please note: We do try our best to work around what is best for our customers, but all dates are based on what slots are available and a first come, first serve basis.

Step 4.  Templating of worktops

-One day before your template date we will advise of the time slot which is generally a 3 hour window.
-Templating generally takes 1-2hrs to complete, depending on the size of the kitchen or bathroom.
-Please make sure you are there for the beginning of the template to discuss requirements, but also the end, as this is where the template team might discuss some important information with you and get you to approve the Cad drawing (If laser templating is applicable).
-Make sure all appliances and sinks are onsite on the day of template to insure 100% accuracy.

Step 5. After Template, Drawing approval and Balance Payment

-48-72hrs after template, if no changes have been made to your original requirements that your quote was based on, you will receive a balance due request.
-If changes have been made that increase or decrease your quote an amended acceptance and balance due request will be sent. This will indicate all changes made and price impact thereof.
-Please pay balance amount as soon as possible, to insure there is no delay to fitting.

Please note: Your worktops will not go into fabrication until balance payment has been received.

Step 6. Fitting and job approval

-One day before fitting date we will advise you of your fitting time slot (generally a 3hr window).
-Please be present for start of fitting and the approval/sign off of job, at the end.

Please note:

Worktops up to 1.8m2 includes for 2 people and is built into the standard installation price.

Worktops over 1.8m2 and up to 3.6m2 require Extra Labour @ £250 which provides 4 people (2 installers and 2 additional).

Worktops over 3.6m2 require Extra Labour @ £500 which provides 6 people (2 installers and 4 additional).

Due to Health and Safety Regulations there will be occasions when Templaters will include for Extra Labour on their TCL (Template Checklist) that was not on the original quote/order, this can be due to access issues on site such as flights of stairs, etc.


And that is it, only 6 steps to get your dream bathroom or kitchen work surface installed. We do make this process as easy as possible, but please make sure your Before Template and Before Fitting tasks are completed successfully to make sure it remains this easy.