Preparation for Template and Installation / Delivery : your obligations

Part of the process when manufacturing and installing your work surfaces is to “template” your kitchen. This finalises all of the measurements and specifications required to fulfil your requirements. To complete this successfully, we require preparation from you for the following :


Template Visit

1. During the visit either yourself or your authorised representative must be present to discuss, agree and sign off all of the required information, this will be explained clearly to you during the visit. This can take up to 3 hours, please allow sufficient time.

2. Where specific parking areas or conditions apply, a valid permit or similar must be provided free of charge.

3. All sinks and appliances must be disconnected and the work surfaces removed prior to Templating, to allow the new work surfaces to be Templated right back to the walls.

4. We do not fit temporary work surfaces between Templating and Installation, therefore you must arrange for these if you need a working kitchen during this time.

5. All alterations to the walls or structure must be completed before the Template visit. However, any tiling or plastering should be completed after the installation.

6. All kitchen cabinets that sit on the floor must be levelled and secured to the walls in the final positions, all planned side/end panels must be fitted to these cabinets.

7. Any space or gaps between these cabinets that are greater than 600mm wide must have wall supports fixed to the back wall, these should be made from lengths of 50mm x 25mm softwood (or similar) screwed to the walls level with the tops of the adjacent cabinets.

8. This support is also required where there is any unsupported wall space greater than 600mm behind longer cabinets and Corner Carousel installations.

9. If you have 2 or more floor standing appliances next to each other, you need to fit a side/end panel between each appliance to support the work surfaces.

10.The planned positions of Sinks and Taps, Hobs and other appliances that are to be installed into the work surfaces must be finalised and available for the Templater, together with their installation instructions. If this information is not available the Template Visit may be delayed until it is available.

If the above are not complete or available, the Templater will wait for up to 1 hour for this to be completed, if this is not possible the visit will be aborted and a charge will be applied.

If you have any questions regarding the above please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss!