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Apollo Recycled Glass Forest Star 30mm

Apollo Recycled Glass is a quoted product that is made to order and only available as part of a managed template and installation service.

Composed of 70% Recycled Glass, Chips & Fine Crushed Glass, 20% Powdered Quartz and the remaining 10% polymer resin.

Features of Apollo Recycled Glass are:-

  • Distinct Quartz aesthetic, with a transparency of shards completely unique to the Apollo Recycled Glass range
  • 30mm thick Worktops, with 20mm Upstands and Splashbacks
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain, does not require sealants or waxes.
  • Uniform in appearance
  • Stain & Heat Resistant (but not heat proof)
  • Hygienic, non-porous surface
  • Lead time is 7-10 days from order to template; and 7-10 days from template to fitting
  • Standard Edge Detail is Double Bevel Edge
  • Always use a chopping board. Apart from the effect that cutting on the Apollo Recycled Glass has on blunting your knives, whilst the surface is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof.
  • Care should always be taken to protect your worksurface from sharp or heavy items.Whilst Apollo Recycled Glass is a very durable specialist surface, it is man-made and has the potential to chip.
  • Care should be taken with exposed edges, as these may be prone to chipping on impact
  • Never place hot pans or cooking equipment directly onto the worksurface (or into an empty sink). Always use a heat protection pad or a trivet with rubber feet for hot cook wear or leave the pans etc to cool on the hob first.
  • If your worktop does happen to chip, please contact BBK as it may be possible to repair small chips on the edges or on the surface.

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