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Apollo Ceramica STATUARIO SATIN 20mm


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  • Apollo Ceramica Statuario Satin contains random veining
  • Same Day Quotation – we aim to reply with a quotation within 2-4 hours of receiving your quote request
  • Experienced fitters
  • Order to Template: 7-14 Days
  • Template to Fitting: 7-14 Days
  • Backed by a 10 year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty
  • State of the art laser templating provided for 100% accuracy and installation satisfaction
  • Standard Apollo Ceramica Edge Detail is Double Bevel Edge

Apollo® Ceramicá is a revolutionary new surface material, formulated specifically for exceptional performance and purity.
Impervious to all domestic misfortunes, Apollo® Ceramicá can withstand hot pans, abrasive cleaning,
direct chopping, staining, and discolouration from UV exposure.
Produced solely from specially selected minerals, chosen for their resistant properties, Apollo® Ceramicá is fully recyclable - as unlike Quartz it does not use resin binders. The material is sealed during manufacture and installation using a one-time chemically bonding treatment, which prevents any ingression of dirt, and resists staining.

Material Considerations:

  • Apollo® Ceramicá is extraordinarily resilient, and can withstand hot pans placed directly on the surface.
  • Most kitchen knives will not damage Apollo® Ceramicá, allowing chopping directly on the surface. This excludes top chefs knives and the polished finish.
  • Apollo® Ceramicá is resistant to staining, graffiti, acids, alkalis, deep abrasions, fire, and is UV stable.
  • Joints will be visible, and are manufactured with a small ariss to the top edge, to prevent chipping.
  • Some styles of apollo® Ceramicá have a veined appearance. Veining is random, and smaller samples may not necessarily be indicative of full installations.
  • Surface designs are not full bodied.
  • Veined styles will have more prominent joints, due to changes in direction and patterns not matching up.
  • Drainer grooves and recessed drainers will have a slightly duller appearance than the worktop.
  • Care should be taken around exposed edges, as chipping may occur if hit with sufficient blunt force. Double bevelled edges are included as standard to mitigate this.
  • Apollo® Ceramicá is fully recyclable, as the stone mineral is fused without the use of resins or binders.
  • Maximum slab size of 3200x1500mm


Apollo® Ceramicá™ joints are finished with a small ariss to the top edge. Silicone sealant is applied to prevent water ingression.


Tolerance in Apollo® Ceramicá™ is ±2mm

Thermal expansion

Due to thermal expansion Apollo® Ceramicá™ can expand up to 1mm per metre. A gap of at least 3mm should be left at each end of the worktop when fitted and filled with decorators caulk. When Apollo® Ceramicá&#x2122 is joined to other materials (such as glass, steel or wood) an elastic type of adhesive, for example polyurethane, is required for expansion.

Overhangs and supports

Any overhang extending more than 300mm must be supported.

Hob & Sink cutouts

  • A minimum of 120mm is required between two hob cutout.
  • A minimum of 100mm is required between hob and sink cutouts.
  • A minimum of 50mm is required between two sink cutouts.
  • Sink cutouts are placed a minimum 50mm from the worktop front edge.

Internal radius

Internal profile edges on all edge detail other than bevel edge must have a radius of at least 60mm. Bevel edges don’t have this constraint as they are hand finished.


Upstands should ideally be 100mm high, as material less than this height is extremely fragile. Upstands are not normally cut from the same slab as the worksurfaces, therefore an exact colour match is not possible.

Apollo® Ceramicá™ upstands are straight and rigid, gaps will be visible where there are variations in the wall profile. Plastering or tiling should ideally be completed after the worksurface installation.


Apollo® Ceramicá™ is scratch resistant but not scratch proof. Small scratches less than 25mm in length are considered within tolerance by the manufacturer and are considered acceptable.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Please specify the preferred undermounting of Stainless Steel Sinks. Silicone sealant may be rendered ineffective when plumbing the sink in, it is important that the sink is re-sealed by the plumber, or the 12 months guarantee will be invalid if the work is not carried out.

If a waste disposal unit is fitted to an undermounted sink after installation, additional support will be required, otherwise your warranty may be invalidated.

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