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Areas of use:
Public Spaces

Impervious to moisture, Staron® prevents the growth of bacteria and germs due to its seamless and grout free structure.

Safe material
Staron® is chemically inert and so is completely safe to use in all applications. Perfect as a surface on which to prepare food or for use in medical environments, Staron’s non-porous and joint free structure guarantees a hygienic and easy-to-clean space.

100% Waterproof
Staron® is completely non-porous. This means with a simple cleaning regime, bacteria is not able to develop on its surface, making Staron® one of the most hygienic decorative surfaces available. It also means Staron® is perfect for use in all areas, including wet rooms, without any fear of material degradation.

Seamless design
With the use of specialist adhesives, panels of Staron® can be bonded together so that the molecules of each panel edge combine to form a truly seamless joint. This characteristic means that gaps, in which bacteria can develop, are eliminated. Created using the process of thermoforming, Staron® has the ability to be moulded into various shapes, giving designers and specifiers unlimited scope when it comes to design, allowing unique silhouettes to be formed to suit a variety of projects.

All Staron® solid white décors have achieved a Euro class B certification. All other Staron® décors have achieved a Euro class C rating.

Long-term durability
Staron® has significant strength and durability. For example, it has been tested and is classed as compliant with the stringent requirements of the UK’s Department for Transport ASIAD document for wall panelling systems used in UK airports.

Maintenance, repairs and the environment
Staron® is very easy to clean and maintain thanks to its smooth and perfectly seamless structure.
In the unlikely event a Staron® surface suffers serious impact, any damaged areas can be restored to their original condition by a trained fabricator. This repairable characteristic of Staron® is environmentally very beneficial, as most other decorative surfaces have to be scrapped when they have been damaged, leading to costly and wasteful replacements. However, a well-designed Staron® installation can be maintained for decades, leading to fantastic cost savings.
Several Staron® décors have SCS material content certification which verifies that Staron® is working responsibly to minimise any environmental impact during its manufacturing process by using recycled materials.

10 Year Warranty
Each Staron® installation will have a limited warranty, provided the conditions noted on the Staron® website ( are met.