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The consensus among homeowners is that a home’s heart is the kitchen. With that in mind, it’s surprising to hear how little thought is put into the look of the room. Although finish, color, and texture all key factors, one must be mindful of the edging style on breakfast bars, work surfaces, and islands.

The Spectra group, who produce modern laminate surfaces, are happy to introduce Square-Edge. Providing strong, raw, and clean lines, this bold and contemporary edging system comes in both 40mm and 22mm sizes. It contrasts well with other surfaces and produces a structured sense of order where chaos reigns supreme.

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Work surfaces

Every Spectra Square-Edge surface is produced with strong materials that can endure extreme food prep situations. Like every other Spectra surface, they're versatile as well and can accommodate hobs, sinks, and drainers on top. Dishwashers, ovens, and spin washers are enabled to be fit underneath seamlessly.

For work surfaces to be alluring and protected from all angles, each edge and side is sealed with the same décor. In fact, you can choose from 6 textures and 22 stylish décors, which includes shimmering quartz, sophisticated marble, and original abstract designs.

Further, the work surfaces are in functional sizes to minimize both wasteful offcuts and joints. Courtesy of the 650mm width, each appliance will be covered and have plenty of extra room for scribing for walls that are uneven.

Island units and breakfast bars

As kitchen living rooms quickly become the standard, the rise of breakfast bar areas and island units has also seen a surge in popularity as of late. They can act as an area to get work done, prepare food, stack cookbooks, or be left as vacant space. Whatever you decide, they will give you additional flexibility in the social hub of your household.

Available in the same 6 textures and 22 décors as the primary work surfaces, wide dimensions are accessible to optimize all extra spaces, too. Also, while each edge and side is sealed with a decorative finish, the side of the breakfast area will completely match the remainder of your kitchen.

Decorative end panels

Limited materials, coordinated textures, and sharp lines are the benchmark of just about all modern kitchens. As such, Spectra Square-Edge can be customized as a decorative end panel for your cabinet’s open ends or gables. Your island units, work surfaces, and breakfast spaces will have a seamless finish.

All edges and sides of the decorative end panels display the same decor as the other Spectra Square-Edge surfaces, creating a uniform appearance. You’ll find surfaces simple to maintain and sanitize whether you choose a 40mm or 22mm thickness.


Fast installation, cost-efficient, and simple to sanitize, upstands are used in just about every contemporary kitchen. With a thickness of 12mm, our upstands come with a hint of fashionable minimalism. Your walls will be safeguarded from bubbling pans and water splashes.

While mesmerizing on their own, upstands are generally utilized alongside splashbacks. As such, they come in the same 6 textures and 22 décors for a finish that is seamless. Joints aren’t necessary since all the upstands we offer are 4050mm long, giving you a finish that’s premium.


As a hygienic and cost-efficient alternative to tiles, Spectra Square-Edge splashbacks are simple to maintain and install. Although mainly utilized to safeguard the walls around your hob and sink, splashbacks can produce a unique design aspect in other areas of your kitchen.

Our splashbacks seamlessly match all Spectra Square-Edge breakfast bars, work surfaces, and upstands, as they share the same six textures and 22 décors. This will give your entire kitchen a keen, color-matched appearance you’ll love.

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