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Bushboard Omega and Odyssey Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Bushboard is an UK, Northampton shire based manufacturer of home improvement products which is known for its high quality, high value and low maintenance products. They specialize in making different kinds of worktops and bathroom wall panels as also other home utility, sanitation and decoration items.

Bushboard Omega Worktops

Omega is a range of worktops, upstands and splashbacks which features laminates, one of the most versatile and innovative material that is used for making worktops. It is easy to maintain and melds an exotic feel and look with an affordable price tag. However, the quality of any of the products under this range is not compromised under any situation. The range of design and color choices would leave you mesmerized and awestruck.

This collection of worktops is known for the advanced technology that is at the core. It features a Q3 profile that gives a squarer, crisper edge to each of the work surfaces in this collection. The laminate combines the manufacturing capabilities of Bushboard along with high definition and high technology printing and beautiful surface textures.

The Omega range of worktops also comes with Actifresh anti-bacterial protection, which is a world-class bacteria treatment technology that doesn’t allow the growth of bacteria on the surface. That, beyond doubt, improves the durability of the product. Normal cleaning is sufficient for maintenance of the surface!

You won’t be handicapped with the lack of choices in size when it comes to Omega. Different sizes, curved components and designs mean that you can choose a design which matches your exact needs.   

Omega designs are complemented by a range of textures, right from the expressive high gloss finishes to elegant and muted ultamatt finishes.

Bushboard Odyssey Worktops

The Odyssey collection of worktops, splashbacks and upstands offer high value, great designs and a tension-free long life. Odyssey is protected by FIRA Gold certificate, quality assurance certificate BS EN 438 and PERC environmental protection certificate. It is available in five different sizes and BBK Direct is offering a range of 60 different designs to choose from under the Omega and Odyssey collection combined.

Odyssesy, like Omega carries antibacterial protection and offers choices in natural wood, stones, and highly attractive quartz. The manufacturer claims that if “luxury for less” is your motto, this collection would suit your needs perfectly.

For stone finish, you get a number of choices that replicate the longevity and class of real stones but are easy to maintain and install unlike the real thing. 

Bushboard Omega & Odyssey Delivery 

Deliver either Bushboard Odyssey and Omega within 3 to 5 working days anywhere between mainland UK.

Omega and Odyssey Warranty

There is a lifelong Bushboard manufacturer’s warranty on both Omega and Odyssey collection which is testament to the belief the manufacturers have in the products quality, and should also give you confidence in your purchase.

“View” and of your preferred Omega and Odyssey colours below to get more info on the product in terms of sizes available, pricing, surface textures and more.

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