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Aqua-Step Waterproof Laminate Flooring

Innovated by the flooring extrusion experts at Parcolys Flooring back in the year 2001, the latest Aqua Step technology brings 100 percent water proof laminate solutions to your home. Aqua Steps offers you a wide range of exclusive designs, textures and colors of water proof laminates that are suitable for both domestic and commercial usage.

The Aqua Step collection available at BBK Direct UK brings to you a slew of cozy and warm timber designs along with your choice of texture and coordinated skirting. A sister collection called the Aqua Step Mini offers an entire range of stone designs that have been created to mimic the look and feel of natural stone.

What are the qualities of Aqua-Step Laminate Flooring?

The Aqua Step flooring has been designed using superior quality synthetic resins that resist absorption of water from condensation, atmospheric moisture and even flooding. Owing to its zero swelling property under exposure to moisture, the Aqua Step is a highly recommended product for your kitchen, bathroom, cellar, anywhere that regularly deals with large degrees of moisture or where people would benefit from its anti-slip properties such as on a deck or even on the edge of a pool..

The highly dense coating and mould resistant bacteria-free surface of the Aqua Step laminates ensures that your flooring remains hygienic. The laminates are extremely low maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water.

As compared to the conventional flooring, the Aqua Step laminates have 30 percent higher capacity of noise insulation. In addition to this, the Aqua Step is highly adaptive to its surrounding temperature and can keep the interiors of your home extremely warm and comfortable even when it’s freezing outside.

The Aqua Step laminates are inspired by the honey comb design concept which lends an enormous strength and impact resistance to the flooring.

What kind of warranty is offered by Aqua-Step Flooring?

The aqua Step provides its customers a 100 percent water proof residential warranty of 20 years and 5 years warranty for commercial usage from the time of purchase, provided the maintenance guidelines stipulated by the manufacturer are followed.

Aqua-Step laminate flooring expected delivery time?

The average delivery time of orders placed at the manufacturer’s website range from 3 to 5 days.

Below are all the Aqua-Step laminate flooring available from BBK Direct, to get more info on a specific design simply view the product for pricing, sizes and additional info.

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