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Apollo Quartz Kitchen Worktops

The Apollo Quartz series of work surfaces made by Sheridan are fashioned out of 93 percent quartz and 7 percent polymer resin. If you want the look and feel of a granite surface, but with a much more solid and consistent colour, you can’t do any better than going for the Apollo Quartz worktops. Here at BBK-Direct UK we definitely have the most competitive prices you will find anywhere in the UK.

Why Should I Choose Apollo Quartz Worktops?

  • Best value for money Quartz worktop brand in the UK. App 20% cheaper than other top competing brands, with no material or workmanship compromise.

  • Fast lead times for template and fitting, nationwide quality approved fitting teams.

  • Stunning colour selection, matt-effect and popular veined decors

  • Unrivalled product quality management systems, insuring the product not only meets production standards, but helps set them.

With more than 20 years of experience crafting the most sought after luxury kitchen worktops in the United Kingdom, Apollo Quartz by Sheridan has established itself as an industry leader. Their artisanal and bespoke worktops are manufactured by a highly skilled and dedicated manufacturing teams. They are known for their use of the latest technologies, an impeccable service standards and a highly professional template and fitting teams.

Apollo Quartz worktops are known for their strength and durability. The worktops they make are all scratch and impact resistant and are designed to take the rough handling of busy kitchens. They are also extremely easy to clean, no-porous and completely hygienic. And to add to all these great features they are also heat and resistant to chemicals.

All Apollo Quartz worksurfaces come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. This also covers any manufacturing defects.

  • Wide selection of attractive and modern styles to choose from

  • Strong & Durable work surface

  • Scratch resistant worktops

  • Easy to clean & maintain

  • Non-porous & hygienic

  • Stain & heat resistant

  • Crystalline quartz appearance

  • Uniform in colour and thickness

Apollo® Quartz is manufactured on a continual processing line. Each mixed batch only produces around 150 – 200 slabs so colour can vary slightly between batches.

Since Apollo® Quartz is manufactured from natural quartz, variations in the colour, shape and pattern of the stone may occur and unique characteristics are to be expected with this product. Such variation does not affect the products performance in any manner. Samples are only a representative and are not an exact replication of what will be installed.

In some cases, areas of ‘milkiness’ and swirls can be evident. This could arise from natural variation in the colour of the quartz stone itself, a pigment drip or foreign material.

Plain colours are easier to manufacture but harder to keep uncontaminated during manufacture e.g. light colours may have small dark spots, darker colours may appear patchy with lighter spots.

Pinprick ‘pitting’ of the surface is a common feature of engineered (quartz) stone and arises from release of air / gas during the manufacture process.

In addition, variations in shade, the density of coloured features and veining or areas of contrast are all common within veined Quartz, occasionally this can be quite dramatic in both veining and colour groups, within each worktop and between worktops in a kitchen.

On products containing crushed mirror, the material is vibrated to bring the mirror flecks to the surface and remove any air – it is not possible for all mirror flecks to be facing towards the surface and it is common to find very small air holes in the slabs. The mirror flecks can also become detached creating small voids, these can sometimes be repaired using resin filler.

All above are inherent in the manufacturing process of engineered stone and are not considered defective.

Please note that concrete colours require more maintenance than other Quartz styles.

From Order to template is 7-10 days and template to fir is another 7-10 days. Once you have accepted our quote we will supply a confirmed Template and fitting date within 24hours and a day before our visit we will also supply an ETA. 

Simply use our instant online quote calculator to get the best Apollo Quartz price in the UK today! Or if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us on 0203 397 3998.

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