Kitchen Worktops
Kitchen Worktops

Welcome to an amazing array of kitchen worktops in all possible materials and from some of the UK's most regarded manufacturers. BBK Direct is happy to help you enhance the functionality and visual quotient of your kitchen. We have undoubtedly put together the largest selection of surfaces in the UK and it is supplied at the lowest prices to the...

Welcome to an amazing array of kitchen worktops in all possible materials and from some of the UK's most regarded manufacturers. BBK Direct is happy to help you enhance the functionality and visual quotient of your kitchen. We have undoubtedly put together the largest selection of surfaces in the UK and it is supplied at the lowest prices to the UK public and trade alike.   

What are the material choices available?


Laminates are by far the most cost-effective as well as both heat and scratch-resistant. They can be installed by anyone (no special tools are needed) and 100% hygienic – they are non-porous and easy to maintain. They also come in the widest variety of colours/finishes, mimicking nature in colour and texture.

Solid surface

Solid surfaces are extremely durable and come in a close second to quartz and granite in terms of durability. They can be easily installed in your kitchen as no specialist tools are required and you can achieve seamless joints. Stain, impact and heat resistant with a renewable surface are just some of its main attributes. They are what the name implies, solid, no sub-frame or chipboard.


Composite worktops have a high degree of impact resistance, and the joints are seamless. The continuous lines gives your kitchen an elegantly modern style. They can be installed by anyone as no special tools are required. 


Wood is a timeless classic, and the preferred choice of many for their kitchen surface. However, a single slab of wood cannot be used, as this is structurally unsound and leads to imperfections cropping up during its usage, such as warping or cracking. To overcome this, multiple pieces of wood are finger jointed together, ensuring a natural surface that will stand the test of a busy home. All our Timber worktops are FSC approved, therefore you can be sure that you are making the correct choice for the environment as well. 


Corian is a DuPont brand and also falls under the composite worktop category. Corian stands by their quality with an impressive 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. This product is available as a Templated and Fitted product and all our Corian installations are done by the UK’s top Dupont quality approved and trained fitters. Remember: only Corian installed by Dupont trained fitters will hold the 25 years manufacturer’s warranty.


Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth and an all-time favourite when it comes to kitchen surfaces. It is 100% natural and environmentally-friendly. It also comes with a polished gloss surface and is heat and scratch-resistant. Its impact resistance is second to none. Also available for Template and Fitting.


Quartz worktops are just as good as granite and it’s amazing hardwearing attributes, although it has an added advantage of being available in a much larger array of colours to suit any design style. Quartz worktops consist of between 93% and 96% quartz, and the rest is a blend of polymer resin and colour pigments that help bond the quartz particles together uniformly. This product is also available for Template and Fitting through our quality approved fitting teams.

It is quite a challenge choosing a surface for your units and sometimes really difficult as there are so many manufacturers claiming that their product is the one to choose and quite a few suppliers pushing what is most profitable for them - not always what is best for the customer.

Always start by asking yourself these couple of questions besides the obvious one – What’s my Budget?

Does my surface have to be extremely hard wearing or is it more for the aesthetic appeal? Is my kitchen busy or simple?

Do I want a Traditional style, Modern style or a mix of both?

What type of sink do I want; under-mounted, Over-mounted or Belfast?

Do I always have the time or energy to clean the kitchen?


The questions might sound very simple, but after asking yourself look at your selected surfaces attributes. The logical choice will always stick out, all that will be left is selecting a colour. 


Kitchen Worktops  There are 759 products.


  • Laminate Worktops
    Laminate Worktops

    We are proud to say that we have one of the widest selections of laminate worktops in the UK and all the brands supplied are proudly manufactured locally which we believe insures the quality of the products supplied.

    What is a laminate worktop?

    Well this product is basically a image printed on a laminate sheeting which is then adhered to a mdf sub frame which is generally a high density chip board also the high image resolution and different surface textures is able to mimic natural products such as wood and stone in visual affect and feel so it will give you the same effect as the real thing at a fraction of the cost.

    What are the positive and negative attributes of laminate worktops?

    Positive Attributes:

    • Cost affective.
    • Hardwearing, scratch and heat resistant, though always remember to use worktop protectors.
    • Wide colour and texture selection, mimics natural products or allows for more contemporary designs.
    • Can be installed as DIY project or by any installer as no specialist tools are required.
    • Non-porous and 100% Hygienic which makes for easy maintenance

    Negative Attributes:

    • High gloss and dark colours show up scratches more readily than other materials
    • Joints are more visible, but you can now get colour matched adhesives to help soften the joints visibility.
    • Cannot install under mounted sinks due to chip board sub frame.
    • Non-renewable surface if damaged worktops will have to be replaced.

    Below are all our colour laminates available from the top manufacturers. With over 300 available designs we are sure you will be spoiled for choice. Simply use the provided product filter to make your search easier and when you have found your perfect colour, view the product to discover sizes available, pricing and additional info.

  • Solid Surface
    Solid Surface

    What is a True Solid Surface Worktop?

    Solid Surface or composite worktops generally consist of a layer of acrylic material ranging from 3mm - 13mm adhered to a mdf sub frame which then makes up its overall thickness of 38mm or 40mm. We however believe a Solid Surface Worktop should be more, so we have put together a selection of acrylic based worktops that actually live up to the name of "Solid Surface Worktop" as they are only made out of acrylic and natural materials and are solid all the way through the worktop surface weather it is 25mm or 30mm thick (No MDF Subframe).

    These worktops not only give you the durability of solid worktops such as granite and quartz but also have the flexibility in styling such as a composite worktop meaning that you can have seamless joints and integrated solid surface sinks for a more sleek and modern look in the kitchen.

    The amazing stone/quartz like appearance is given by the percentage quartz particles present in these tops, generally between 4-7% (Manufacturer specific) and this even further adds to the hard wearing attributes of this meterial.

    What Makes Solid Surface Worktops Special?

    • Solid throughout the materials thickness (no mdf sub frame).
    • Acrylic based making it heat, stain and scratch resistant as well as non-porous and 100% Hygenic for easy maintenance.
    • Easy installation no specialist tools required as with granite and quartz.
    • Seamless joints and integrated or under mounted sinks can easily be achieved.
    • Renewable surface.

    We have put together the largest selection of trusted manufacturers of true solid surface worktops for you to choose from. Simply use the filter function to help you browse our selection, and view your preferred colour to get sizes, pricing and additional info. 

  • Composite Worktops
    Composite Worktops

    What is a Composite Worktop?

    A composite material is comprised of polymer resin infused with colour pigments, and composite worktops are generally made with a 3mm – 12mm layer of composite material adhered to a mdf sub frame to give it an overall thickness of 38-54mm depending on specific manufacturer and brand.

    Why should I choose composite for my worktop?

    One of the main characteristics of this material that makes it so popular in the UK and abroad as a worktop surface is the fact that you can achieve seamless and inconspicuous joints which gives a kitchen that modern feel with continues unbroken lines, other attributes of composites are listed below.

    • Easy installation no specialist tools required, any installer that can install a laminate worktop will be able to install them.
    • With a slight rebate under mount and integrated sinks can be installed, so this type of sink is no longer just for granite and quartz.
    • High scratch, stain, heat and impact resistance.
    • Non-porous, 100% hygienic surface which makes for easy maintenance as it does not pramote or support the growth of any mould or bacteria.
    • It is a renewable surface. If any scratches or scuff marks are caused a simple sanding of the top will return it to its original condition. 

    We have put together the largest quality selection of composite brands in the UK, so we are sure you will find exactly what you are looking for. Brows below our extensive collection of composite colours from trusted manufacturers and even use the filter function to make your search even easier. Once you have found your colour view the product to get sizes, pricing and additional info.

  • Wooden Worktops
    Wooden Worktops

    Wooden worktops have always been a popular choice when it comes to creating a classic and timeless theme in a kitchen but more modern designs these days are incorporating wooden worktops using hardwoods natural and stunning visual properties to merge new and classic designs together by mixing finishes textures and materials.

    We believe it is important to look after our natural resources so all our hardwood worktops are FSC approved meaning that it comes only from forests and sawmills that adopt responsible felling and milling procedures monitored and regulated through the FCS organisation.

    What is the Deference between standard and full stave?

    Stave construction refers to the blocks of wood or staves finger jointed together to form a wooden worktop, A person cannot have a solid slab of wood as a worktop as this is structurally unsound and would lead to major warping and cracking so smaller blocks or staves are finger jointed together to form a worktop that is stronger more durable and stable.

    Standard stave construction:

    Worktop staves are 30-40mm wide and 90-130mm in length finger jointed and glued together to form for example a 3000x620x40mm worktop.

    Full stave construction:

    Worktop staves are 50-90mm wide and run the entire length of the worktop and are glued together to form for example a 4000x720x40mm wooden breakfast bar.

    What is the difference between natural and prime?

    Natural wooden worktops have a more prominent grain pattern and more natural features than their Prime variant, and in general have more character. Most worktops will have colour variation between each separate stave.

    Prime wooden worktops have a more uniform, delicate grain with fewer natural features. Prime worktops have a sophisticated look and as a result are more suited to contemporary / glamorous kitchens.

    Why are timbers steamed and what does that do to the timber and what are the benefits?

    To improve its properties, a large part of today’s sawn timber comes steamed. The object of steaming is killing possible pests and equalling the moisture content of the boards before the technical drying process sets in, very important for achieving a homogeneous moisture content in the timber.

    A common phenomenon of steaming is the change of colour. Depending on the duration of the steaming process, the colour of the wood changes if it has light reddish colour or brownish tint in the timber these are made slightly darker and stronger in appearance. This coloration is the result of an oxidation of the tanning agents (chemical reaction with the oxygen in the air). Another advantage of steaming is that this colour tone remains uniform. Discoloration, known as greying of the core, which may often occur in un-steamed wood is eliminated by the steaming process.

    How Are BBK Direct Wooden Worktops Supplied?

    All our work surfaces are A Grade sanded to perfection of 150grit and square edged so all that will be required by your fitter will be applying Danish oil and edge detail as well as cut outs and finally installing the top.

    Simply view your preferred wooden worktop bellow to get additional info on chosen species, sizes available and pricing.

  • Corian Worktops
    Corian Worktops

    What is Corian and Corian Worktops?

    Corian is the brand name for a solid surface material created by DuPont. It is composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate and Its primary use is in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, and wall cladding the standard thickness for a kitchen worktop is 38mm which is a 13mm layer of Corian adhered to an MDF sub frame but with deeper downturns your worktop can have the appearance of a worktop 60-100mm thick adding great design possibilities.


    Why should I choose Corian worktops?

    Dupont was the inventors of this material back in the 60’s and since then there has been many manufacturers and producers of solid surface materials to come and go but there will always be only one original and that is Corian by Dupont, Not only do they back there product with an impressive 25year manufacturer’s warranty but they also insist that all fitters that install there product go through a training course to become Dupont quality approved fitters so you can rest assure that you are not only getting the best product in the world you are also getting the best template and fitting service as well.

    What are the Attributes of Corian?

    • 13mm thick Corian layer on a top quality mdf sub frame.
    • Has inconspicuous and seamless joints and solid surface sinks that are moulded to the worktop for that seamless integrated look.
    • Heat, impact, stain and scratch resistant, but if damage does occur worktops can be renewed and easily fixed.
    • Non-porous and 100% hygienic surface which make for easy maintenance.
    • World class template and fitting service by Dupont quality approved fabrication and fitting team.
    • Comes with a 25year manufacturer’s warranty.

    Colour’s shown on the bbk-direct site are suggested for kitchen and bathroom use but if you are looking for a colour not listed don’t worry as all colours are available just let us know what you are looking for.

    View all available Corian colours below and use our online quote calculator for an instant quote, or simply contact us with your specifications. Either way you will be getting the best service and prices in the UK!

  • Granite Worktops
    Granite Worktops

    Granite Worktops is an investment that will stand up to the test of time!

    Granite is definitely the worktop material that over shadows the others when it comes to durability as it is one of the world’s toughest and hardest materials, this has obvious benefits especially in a busy home or family also there is no single piece of granite that looks the same which will give your worktop the feel of uniqueness, but it is important to remember that granite is a natural products and there is no granite fabricator that can insure the consistency of colour through the entire worktop surface.

    What are the positive and negative attributes of Granite?

    Positive Attributes of Granite Worktops:

    • Heat and scratch resistant.

    • One of the hardest natural materials on earth.

    • Polished gloss finish.

    • Solid all the way through the materials thickness.

    • High impact resistance.

    • Best material for under mounted and Belfast sinks.

    • Unique in character due to it being a natural product.

    • Environmentally friendly.

    Negative attributes of Granite Worktops:

    • Cannot achieve seamless  joints

    • Extremely heavy, units might require additional support

    • Material cannot be cut longer than 3000mm in length, due to products weight and structural integrity.


    Below is our extensive range of granite colours available, to get the most competitive quote and best service in the UK simply use the instant online quote calculator or email us your plan/specifications to


  • Quartz Worktops
    Quartz Worktops

    What is a quartz worktop?

    Quartz worktops comprise out of 93-94% crystalline quartz particles (structurally unstable in its natural state) which is then combined with 6-7% polymer resin and colour pigment to create a truly amazing work surface that has all the positive attributes of natural stone such as granite and none of its draw backs.

    Quartz worktops are definitely our number one choice out of all worktop materials available they are not only 100% solid (no mdf sub frame), non-porous and 100% hygienic but they also have the same durability as granite being scratch and impact resistant, the colour of quartz is also uniform through the entire surface unlike granite that can have irregularities in surface colour and finish. A typical Quartz slab size is 3000 x 1400mm. All sizes larger than this will require a joint.

    Attributes of quartz worktops:

    • As durable as granite.

    • Comes in 20, 30 and selected colours 40mm thickness, solid quartz no mdf sub frame.

    • High shine polished finish.

    • Non-porous surface making it hygienic stain and mould resistant, easy maintenance.

    • Unfortunately joints will be more visible than composite worktops.

    • Best suited material for undermounted and Belfast sinks.

    • Great manufacturer’s warranties.

    • Wide colour selection with also many colours having sparkle affects and mirror particles.

    Use our product filter option to select colours from your preferred Quartz manufacturer below to to make your search for the perfect quartz worktop even esier.

    Most cost effective and our suggested manufacturer would be Apollo quartz then Zodiaq from Dupont and last but not least the extravagantly extensive but more costly Silestone range.

    Once you have selected your colour get the best quote in the UK by using our instant online quote calculator or simply send your plan/specifications to

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